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Ok so I noticed that my first chapter has 21 reads and my second chapter has 37 reads. How does that make any sense? Shouldn’t the first chapter have more reads than the second? Can anyone please explain this to me? I’ve been trying to find the answer and I’ve had no luck

Saint @saintc has explained this best in their posts here:


Is there a possibility that it’s you, the writer, that is adding to the read tallies. Every time you read your own story, either to look over it or admire it, it adds to the views.

I’m a big believer in the magical Read Fairy!


Some of it could be your own if you’re editing that chapter? I know it happens to me when a reader points out a mistake and I fix it on that specific chapter or I rewrite certain scenes again.

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i like read my historis one more time when the months go, because i see thing different to change and write to create the best story but never add views :frowning: soo sad

I read somewhere that while other readers will be registered every time they access a chapter, the writer will only be registered once, no matter how many times they open a chapter. It’s to prevent people from accessing their own chapters over and over again to artificially drive up reads, I assume.

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Not true, read still counts from the writer unfortunately, so the writer can still fluctuate the numbers. Which really should be addressed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Have you tried it? They don’t count with my books. I just went back and tried it with the chapter I uploaded this morning, but it’s still just one read, even though I went in a couple of times.

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They count :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It may take some time, but the numbers will catch up. Try to be cautious of how many times you edit and publish.

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I usually only edit if someone catches a really glaring mistake, so I don’t think I’m in danger. :smile:

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Right now I am in an extensive editing process. It also involves the reconstruction of the trilogy I wrote. So I am really careful to thoroughly edit after reconstructing a chapter, and adding in new parts etc.

I may miss one error now and then though, so if someone points it out, I ensure to look carefully once again, and after that point, the chapter should be void of errors. The last measure taken is through reader feedback.

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What everyone else has said. It might be that you’re just getting more comments? I have more views on chapters that get more comments, because you add your own view when you go to respond to it

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