Question for you Radish peeps (readers + writers)

So I am in need of a part-time job, and Radish seemed like a potential option. After all, it’s selective, which means better books so I know if I’m decent or not if I get in, and I also get paid a decent amount (their CEO said most make anywhere between like 2 and 14k a month, not sure I believe that) but I’ve seen their readership. But, much to my dismay, when I looked at the books to find niche audiences, literally all of the books were romance. Their fantasy/sci-fi is filled with werewolf alpha mate stories, and literally everything is romance plus a hint of another genre. As someone who writes high/low/dark fantasy with maybe a subplot of romance, this did not bode well.

Anyone know if I wasn’t seeing the non-romance books, or if that is the only genre they really offer. At the same time, Radish writers, about how much do you make?

I’ve got a reader account on Radish and my impression is the same as yours, the vast majority of stories seem to be erotic romances.
Also, the stuff they promote and shove in your face is exactly that, so it feels a little difficult to find other content, that might agree with you more.
I’d even go as far and say that some of the material they allow would be considered banned on Wattpad.


Radish is definitely skewed towards romance. I know some Wattpad writers who’ve had great success there and some that have struggled (typically authors with smaller Wattpad followings who don’t write pure romance).

Not sure I can help much as I write romance, but did Radish approach you to write for them?

No, they did not. I had a story I had not published here and completed after over a year of work. I’d like to receive monetization as an additional form of payment, and Radish seemed like a good option at the time.

The popular books on there are romance-driven. If that’s what you write, I say go for it. But if that’s not what you write, you won’t make money off it even though they tell you they will (personal experience).

Between 2 and 14k in what currency? If you’re talking USD, then I would think that’s very, very unlikely. I’m on Radish, and I make nowhere near that amount (although I do make that much selling my books elsewhere). I also find their constant rule changes and the fact that you can’t update your books yourself very frustrating.

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I think they said USD, yeah, which made me hesitant in the first place. Maybe their equivalents of After and Chasing Red, but certainly not most authors.