QUESTION: New Replies


Okay, it’s really bugging me that I don’t know how this new reply thing works?

-First off, there’s no reply bubble and that really threw me for a loop, I think I figure it out, but I’m not a fan.

-Second, how do the nesting replies work? I thought that if you clicked reply on a post then your comment would ONLY be nested in that discussion, not reposted below because that seems like overkill, however, my nested replies were posted below. So…does it nest them, or not?

-Third, if I click reply at the bottom of a discussion, does that automatically nest my reply in the last comment or does it post it separately??

I’m really confused on this and answers would be greatly appreciated.

Also, feel free to post your own questions and feedback on the new reply system.


Hey there

Clicking the reply button at the bottom of the thread replies to the entire discussion.

Clicking the reply button on someone’s post nests the reply, but the reply will also be posted to the rest of the discussion. If you see an icon on the top right of a post, it means it is a reply to someone else’s post within the thread. Clicking that allows you to see the rest of the nest.

All replies in a thread, even those that are nested / directed at a certain reply, will posted to the same thread.


Alright, thank you for the clarification. If you don’t mind my posting my opinion, but I find that reposting the nested replies below them is a bit of overkill. If they’re going to be nested I would suggest only posting them as nested, not posting them again as this caused me to be confused when I was first reading through here and didn’t know how the replies worked. That’s only my opinion, though.


Some people reply to multiple people within a direct reply. Showing replies only in a nest would almost be like making a separate discussion.

The direct reply feature (which nests) just makes it easier to see what someone is responding to rather than just tagging them. At least, that’s how I see it.

The new system definitely takes a little getting accustomed to!


Yeah, I see that too, but the way I view nested replies is it allows people to have a mini discussion without everyone elses notifications getting clogged up. Such as on design threads, it would make it easier because a designer could reply in a nested comment to one person and everyone else wouldn’t loose their notifications in a pile of comments that they aren’t concerned with, but if the nested comments are still getting posted to the general discussion, they’re still clogging it up for everyone else who may not be interested or concerned with that particular design, or conversation. I understand that for major shifts new threads should be created, but the nested replies are a good idea to allow for mini conversations, but I personally would like to see them remain nested, not reposted to the general discussion just to keep things neater and easier to find.


I think maybe if there was a setting a user could select between the two, because I know someone people reply to multiple people, even in a direct / nested reply. If the nested replies stayed nested, some of the conversations would be lost.

I just think of the nested replies as a direct reply rather than nested, since you have to click to see what they’re replying to.


Yeah…I am on a lot of discussions, however, where I will reply to only one or two people and then everyone else gets on there while I’m busy and when I come back I have like 50 notifications clogging it up and then I lose my comment and I have to go back page by page to find it. Here’s a more clear version of what I’m suggesting:

For Nested Threads:

Say I post a form on a designer thread.

My designer replies in a nested comment. - I get a notification.

I reply - My designer gets a notification about the nested comment, so they can find the discussion but they know without my having to tag them or anything that the reply is directed to them, they can easily find it, and they don’t have to scroll back through to reply because the notifications takes them immediately to the thread and all of it’s nested comments.

I reply - same thing.

General Discussion Replies:

I post on a general discussion - I get notifications on it.

Someone else posts after me - I get that notification

I post again - they get that notification.

We don’t get our possible conversation or interaction clogged up with a bunch of replies from nested replies that we have no interest in.

Also, pertaining to nested replies, someone could nest their reply to several people and they wouldn’t be limited to speaking with only one person, or several people could post nested replies and the above still applies.

It’s not perfect, but the way I see it, reposting the nested replies is unecessary and really clogs up the discussion when it doesn’t need to. That’s only my opinion and suggestion, though.


I completely understand your point of view, I mean I just see the direct reply feature functioning a bit differently is all.

Also, you can set notifications for these threads to work differently. At the bottom of the page there are different tracking methods. One for a notification for all replies, another for direct replies or tags only, and another for no notifications at all.


Maybe it’s just because I’m so unfamiliar with all of this. I’m trying to check it out, but it’s taking a lot of getting used to. I think I’m beginning to get the hang of replies, but I’m still way confused and lost. Thank you, though.


No problem! It’s definitely different than what we’re accustomed to, but there are a lot more options available here :makaylasophia:


Sorry, wrong thread XD

And yeah, I’ll keep muddling my way around and trying to figure this out. I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of any sort of change, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.