Question on epic poetry,

Is shorter poetry forms like haiku and sonnet inherently incompatible with longer forms like epic length poetry? I know there has been epic length poetry in fantasy fiction: Epic Of Gilgamesh comes to mind in particular.

My last room mate introduced me to the idea of a “Rock Opera”, which is more like a collection of poems that build toward a large narrative. Is this accurate?

From what I know, Rock Opera is a collection of rock songs put together to form a narrative, so yes that is accurate. Some examples are Jesus Christ Superstar and American Idiot.

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I expect the answer depends on how formally you approach the subject.

Epic poems are a thing, like The Iliad is another well known one. But, not being a scholar of Poetry exactly, I’m still guessing people super into epic poetry care a lot about the format like the rhythm of it and such. They are designed to be spoken aloud.

But, informally, one can combine any kind of poetic forms they choose for a work.

One of my works is a combination of haiku and limerick. :grin:

I did an expanded version of Jack and Jill nursery rhyme that had narrative qualities.

And I wrote a book of songs that don’t exist.

I don’t know if I could properly write a Rock Opera without being able to compose music, but I love the idea of Rock Opera.

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Epic poetry doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely long, It more means that the poetry tells a story, and the story is clear. Here is an expert from an Epic I wrote. At the end, it totaled at 689 words. This is only the first few stanza’s

The Dream World

Don’t go down that path

It leads to darkness

I must walk straight

Through the land between

And I spiral higher and higher

Walking on wind and stars

I am walking on a fine line

In between waking and asleep

Normally there are five paths

I can take through this land

But today

The Stars and Moon aligned

And a sixth path opened

Spirling upwards towards the sky

And I took it

Walking on stars

It spiraled higher and higher

And in the distance far below

I saw the clearing

That I came from

And higher and higher

I passed the white steps

That lead to the Sky portal

And eventually that too passed by

So basically in my opinion an Epic is basically any poetry that tells a story.