question on the watty awards

If people don’t win the awards, can you still get your book noticed to published once it’s polished to COMPLETE?

Not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean, do books get high read counts without needing to win a watty? The answer to that is yes. I have a book that got featured abd has over 200k reads but never won a watty. Many of the popular books have never won wattys. And there are alot of watty winners with low read counts, much lower than my own books which never won anything. Winning a watty doesn’t equal popularity.

If you mean, can you get your book published by wattpad books even after the wattys are over? Yes, you can. You can submit it to be featured and considered for the stats program, advertising opportunities or publishing by filling out the form:


Publishing and not winning a watty have nothing to do with each other. So the answer is yes.


One winner of the Wattys this year is going to be offered publication by Wattpad Books. I expect that’s how they got tangled up.


The winners haven’t been announced yet. I know one won a Watty back in 2016 and is being offered publication though. I think that’s what you meant.

If you’re asking about the terms of a Watty Winner this year, I believe they now require you to keep your story exclusively on WP for a certain number of months. The rules and regulations are in the official Watty 2019 rule book which can be found here:

No, but winning a watty increases your chance of being published.

No, they’re stating that the OP probably got publishing and winning a Watty this year confused because of the whole “One winner will be chosen to be published.” deal this year.

I’m positive Ximera didn’t think the winners had been announced yet. lol


I know the winners haven’t been released, but I thought I read that one winner of a Watty this year was going to be offered publication by Wattpad Books as a prize.

Let me see if I can find where I read that…


This is true. It’s in the official Wattys book on their profile :slight_smile:


“She’s With Me” and “Confessions About Colton”. BOTH won Wattys on their respective years (2015 & 2016) and are set to publish in Winter 2020.

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Yep, found it!! In the rules under “Judging and Prizing”!


Yep. I’ve seen some stories on the site with plenty of reads and they still got noticed by the Big 5.

Thanks guys! :smile:

And the fact that they guarantee one winner will be published does not preclude them from selecting other winners or losers for publication through Wattpad Books.



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excluding wattys, do they look at other things aside from reads?

Absolutely. Reads play a big part, but they’re also looking at the story and the writing.

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It would be interesting to know how big a part.

@SapphireAlena did a fantastic job of creating visualizations of statistics on last year’s shortlist and longlist winners. They do show a trend - shortlisted stories had twice the median reads per chapter as longlisted stories did. For the shortlisted stories, the median number of reads per chapter was 103. Assuming a median chapter count of about 40 (from another table), that’s about 4000 reads total.

Don’t know the stats for the winners, though. Maybe the winners were drawn from books that had a much higher read count.

At least for the shortlisted stories, the judges weren’t obsessed with reads. Here’s a chart from @SapphireAlena’s much longer report. Best to take a look at her post here.