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How do you normally schedule your writing and posting? Do you give yourself a certain amount of time to get a chapter out? Do you try to get a chapter out every other week or weekly? I’m curious as to how other writers on here schedule their postings and how you interact with people to have them read your stories as well. I’m new here and still trying to find my way around the forums on here so I hope I’m posting in the right place for this? If not I’m sorry. I just have so many questions uwu Thanks guys <3 x)


I don’t have an exact schedule, I just update as much as I can! Normally, I’m writing everyday so the writing part isn’t an issue. Since I bounce back and forth between books, usually my updates are every week or every other week. But, if I happen to be on writing frenzy and finish a bunch of chapters at once, I’ll update them together.


I also don’t have a writing schedule, writing for me is unfortunately just a hobby right now so my writing is sporadic much like my thoughts. And as far as getting people to read your stuff be friendly and follow everyone you meet thats how I do it anyway.


Wow so you’re writing multiple books at once? That’s cool!! uwu


Great advice! I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind :slight_smile:


I’m not the best at sticking to writing schedules. I always start by aiming for weekly updates but then sometimes life gets in the way or I’m just not happy with what I’ve written so I tend to take a bit longer. I’m trying to get back on track and start updating more frequently. The last few chapters I posted were between three weeks and a month but I wouldn’t recommend that because readers prefer updates every week or at least every two weeks. I don’t have loads of readers so I don’t have a lot of pressure when it comes to posting but I try and stay as active as possible and always answer my readers’ comments so that they stick around for the next update, whenever it comes.


Thank you! :joy: It’s just my way of keeping my imagination and stamina flowing. If I work on one, I’ll lose motivation and concentration.


No. I write at my own leisure. Wish I had more time, but I don’t.


Another one without a writing schedule lol (besides just “whenever I have time”), so I usually don’t post until I’m far enough out ahead of the story that it won’t impact the posting schedule if I don’t have time to write.

I usually write the whole book before I start posting but I think that’s overkill… :joy:

I’ve done twice-weekly updates and daily updates (I don’t recommend that one) but I might try weekly for the next one? It seems long enough for breathing room, but short enough that readers won’t forget what happened in the last chapter while they’re waiting for the next one. I’d be interested to see what others think is the ideal interval, too.


It depends. If I have another story (completed and fully posted), I’ll be busy editing it for a while. Then, my main focus will be on the one I’m updating.

I don’t have a writing schedule… I actually only write when I’m inspired. This can take me a while and there’s also writer’s block that can show up…

As for posting, I try my best to update once a week, but sometimes I’m just running out of time and post every two weeks. :woman_shrugging:


So it sounds like every other week would be the ideal posting schedule typically? How many hours would you all say you typically put in for a single chapter and do you self edit or have a friend or editor who helps?


:arrow_heading_up: that’s something I really can’t do :joy: I mean, most of the times I will have a few chapters written, but that’s all. I’m too impatient to share what I’ve been working on.


I think you’re going about it in the right way, though. I always get into these “it’s not good enough to post yet” loops, go back and edit, reread, do the same thing all over again…

and it never gets posted lol.


its takes me anywhere from 2 days to a week to finish a chapter


I’m not good at writing one chapter in one sitting so I have no idea how many hours I put in. Probably too many. I also have a bad habit of self editing as I write. Currently I don’t have anyone helping me with editing but I always ask my readers to point out mistakes if they see any and also ask for critiques from people who are offering them. Even when I self-edit, I know that I’ve missed some stuff or sentences could be improved so it’s always good to get another pair of eyes to look at your work.


I never really write quickly, so it takes me maybe 3 days? Considering I don’t write all day either. // I edit it quickly and when the book is completed, spend more time on that part. Or else I keep changing things. :crazy_face:


I try to upload a chapter a day, more if I can. I have too many books, so… xD


I am with some of the others. I update as I finish, which is pretty unpredictable. One thing I see frequently on here, is that people are so obsessed with the writing schedule and getting a chapter out, that it can be very poor work in the interest of getting it done.

From my trailing around the last few years, no one really cares about your books until you finish them and then they want to sit and power through them. They don’t want to wait around for new chapters. Some are very good for being patient, but many won’t give it the time of day. Make it the best you can and be happy with your finished work whenever it may be.


That’s true, sadly.

Bonus advices: I’d still suggest posting chapters one by one and not sharing whole story at once. Posting it slowly will help get a few reads and feedbacks that can improve your story.


I’m a stay at home mom so I’m trying to find a good way to fit in all my writing and I love Wattpad and writing on here so all of this helps me get a better idea of how to start. Thanks so much guys :3