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I try to write every day and don’t really schedule myself a time for it. Any time before classes or between classes is writing time.

I don’t like to start posting until I have a lot of the story completed (preferably all of it completed) and then I post 1-2 chapters each week


I completely agree with that. I post my stuff chapter by chapter. There are so many talented writers on here. Use them to help you become a better writer and to bounce ideas off of.


I have a busy life as well. Wish you the best of lucks on Wattpad :relaxed:


I only have 2 out right now. Haven’t even started 3 because I just posted today honestly xD


Ya’ll are so nice!! Thanks so much!!:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


completely agree. I try to fix things as soon a people notice and tell me.


My writing is whenever I have the time. Because I don’t have much for free time, I post every other week.

Only having to post every two weeks has made things much easier. Before, I was posting weekly. But not having much time for writing made that difficult and made it feel more like a chore. I didn’t like how that felt, so I changed it to something that was easier to maintain and enjoy.

You don’t need to keep a schedule. That only becomes beneficial if you have some readership. But if you do post a schedule, abide by it.

I post every other Friday.

As far as interactions go, most of my reader’s have come from the clubs. They see my responses to people or see excerpts I’ve shared or me talking about my book. They see me frequently enough and guess like what I have to say and click on my book.

I pose a question in the opening notes on how people found my book and 9 times out of 10, it’s from seeing me in the clubs.

As you are new, have fun. Socialize and be friendly and likable. Unless you’re a social media wizard, getting noticed on here takes a long time. My first book on this site took two and a half or three years to get steady readership.

You can hire critics to help you make your early chapters the best they can be and editors to help make them squeaky clean to increase your chances of keeping readers who click on the book.

You can recommend your book in the ‘story requests’ section of ‘share your story’ when it fits their requirements.

You can hire book reviews and join contests to help get noticed a little easier.

The more effort you put in, the easier it gets, but no matter what it does take a while. Just takes a lot longer if you don’t make the effort to promote your book and yourself.

But don’t let your efforts distract you from the writing. This is a writing site first, social site second. Your book should come first. Save your worries and what you’re doing wrong for the second draft. If you think about it, it’s not so bad that it takes a while to be noticed on here. It gives you time to write and improve so when you do start to gain readers, you’ve had some time to really make the book into what you imagined in your head.


I’ve been here for 6 years so… Hello, and welcome.

I used to update whenever I wanted. Well, never had readers. Currently, I just changed my schedule. I write chapters ahead of time (preferably finishing the whole book first) then upload once or twice a week (all depending on how many chapters I’ve written ahead of time). I write literally every day right now. I’ve been writing a lot (I’ve written about 25k just since April started, but 150k since 2019 started).

As for how you can get readers, be active and social. I gained readers a LOT easier (in my opinion) when I joined these forums. Just be social however you can be. I sometimes pop into threads I am interested in. I sometimes offer help if I can. People do notice friendly writers and it helps a lot. Also, sharing your story in the SYS threads. I only share them within the user requested ones since someone is specifically looking for what I can offer. It makes finding readers a lot more beneficial.

I hope this helps.


I probably put in 2-6 hours per chapter, based upon how motivated and inspired I am. My chapters are 2k each.

I self edit because I don’t know anyone who would wanna help me for free. I know enough about grammar and spelling to do it myself right now.


So, I don’t currently use Wattpad because my fandom is nonexistent on here (I guess that’s what happens when you’re writing fic for a video game that seems to have a main playerbase of 20-30yo guys?). I use AO3 instead.

But it usually takes me about 5 hours to write a chapter of 5,000 words. So about 1,000 words an hour if I’m in the zone.

I self edit. I make a lot of sloppy mistakes I never notice at the time, like missing words, and I often don’t even see them until the chapter is uploaded. I need to slow down a bit when it comes to uploading things.


I waited until I was nearly done with my book before I started posting it. So that way, I wasn’t scrambling to write a new chapter, if anything just doing minor edits. I update twice a week.


I write offline, so I have no stress on when I write and post. However, I try to get 200 words in every day as a way to feel productive. But typically, I’ll write at least 300-900 words a day.

As for when to post, I’ve already created a schedule to post two times a week (Mondays and Fridays), but this is because all of my writing would be complete.

Not really—writing wise, I mean. I try to write everyday and while this does happen most of the time, there are days I’ll skip or won’t write as much in because of how busy it can be. But honestly, every time I write, I try to write a single chapter that day. Otherwise, it would be half of the chapter.

If I don’t write it that day, I don’t punish myself. I don’t start punishing myself until it’s been about a week. That’s when I start forcing myself to write more than 900 words.

When I was new, I never had a schedule. Even when I tried to do weekly schedules, it never worked. I got busy, lazy, and procrastinated. My schedule was all over the place, and most of the time, I updated every month or two. This is because I wrote and posted as I went along. And this is also why I’m done with that. Writing it offline is better.

Yeah. Most people tend to post once a week or once every two weeks.

It depends on my mood, how busy I am, how fast I’m writing, and how long the chapter is. I can write a 1,200 word chapter in about two hours. And I can write a 2,000-3,000 word chapter in about 3-4 hours. My shorter chapters (400-800 words) take me about 30 minutes to an hour to write. But this is on the faster end.

On the slower end, it can take me a few days or weeks to write a chapter. I’ve had chapters that required a lot more detail and thinking, and it would take me two weeks to write it because of how hard it is.

And I self-edit 100%. I get people to critique it and revise the chapter based off their critiques.


I don’t really have a schedule :sweat_smile: Since I don’t write as often as I’d like to, I often go weeks without updating so I just try to update as soon as I finish a chapter. But, I have been trying to fix this and hope to one day get to where I can publish a chapter a week.


I finish my books before I start posting. I’m too irregular with my writing to have a consistent upload schedule if I wrote as I uploaded. Not to mention, my first drafts are horrific. So I can’t really upload anything that I haven’t edited because it’s just… Bad :joy: When I’ve finished and edited I upload 2-3 times a week. It depends a little on how much content I have on the back burner as I like to be active all the time. So, if I have another book waiting to be uploaded, I upload three times a week. If I don’t, I give myself some extra time by uploading twice a week.

I also keep going back to edit something in the beginning when I’m halfway through writing the book. But I don’t plan anything so ideas just come to me while I write.

If you’re looking for readers, check out this thread: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

I did a lot of those things to build my fanbase - but the absolute best thing I did, was being super active on the forums. And it’s also the most fun :smile:


Before I finished The White Rider, I was posting chapters on Saturdays and Sundays, twice a week. When I was about four chapters away, I did two chapters a day after the other, plus a double update on the final Sunday of publishing new chapters.

I feel like readers will tend to be more active and you’ll get activity sooner on the weekends. If you post new chapters during the week, you’re more likely to get reader activity later in the day because people tend to busy during the middle of the day.

But you also have the chance of attracting new readers if you post different times. Though generally, readers like to see a consistent publishing routine.


For my first story, I would upload weekly. For this one, I’m uploading trice a week. It’s mostly about when do I got a chapter done.


I don’t actually have plans of writing at a particular time or something.
I do it mostly while attending my college lectures or during 5 minutes break or while just lying in my bed at dorms.
Mostly I type using my cellphone as my computer is broken.
So it’s not necessary you should keep a particular time for writing because you have many ideas while just sitting in a place and procrastinate of typing that idea later you might just miss all the elements you wanted to add.


I update weekly usually, but right now I’m sticking to bi-weekly updates so I can get further ahead on my story. And that’s mostly my tip: staying ahead of your update schedule. I don’t post the first chapter until I have at least five written already, that way, if I miss out on writing a few days it won’t hurt me much


I usually update every Sunday and give anticipations in the conversations page on my profile.


my health suffers alot so i tend not to be to hard on myself about writing
it’s a passion but i don’t consider myself a writer (i’m an illustrator)
i just post in pieces and people tend not to seem to mind, or atleast don’t say they do