Questions Regarding "Mature" Rating For Stories - Profanity And Violence


In the story I am currently writing, it features quite a bit of profanity from several characters, rather heavy violence, and other content that may be added which other readers may find disturbing, such as mild references to sex and normal body horror found in war (dismembered limbs, burning bodies, etc).

I have read over the mature rating Content Guidelines, however, I feel like they do not elaborate sufficiently for writing that doesn’t involve explicit sex or self-harm. If someone may explain to me what falls under the criteria, please do so and I appreciate the assistance.


You can have violence - even explicit violence, as long as it’s not SAW level violence. Or sexual violence. All that without a mature rating. It’s apparently hard to garner a mature rating through violence alone.

Profanity does not give you a mature rating. It’s not mentioned in the guidelines at any point.

You can also have sex scenes without a mature warning - as long as they’re part of the plot. If you have a lot of sex scenes that are still part of the plot, it’s mature.

If you have a book that is all sex, no plot - it’s not allowed and will be removed.

Just gonna tag @Angelic_Vamp to confirm I’m not spewing a bunch of bull here :sweat_smile:


Ah - Thank you very much.


Not really too good with violence but yes, if sex flows the story or mention then everyone. One explicit sex is everyone too.

If it’s plot + more chapter of sex then mature.

Violence is if mention then everyone is ok (e;g I saw dead bodies and blood on the field which made me cried over their loss).And like AWFrasier said, as long the plot flows you’re good but if you had plot + more sex/violence/other mature stuff then it goes to mature.

Anything that glorifies though is banned and showing real or cartoon guts that look real or showing real violent pic :beheading for example) is banned.


What do you mean, plot+sex/violence is mature? Do you mean gratuitous sex/violence is mature?


As in there’s plot but more sex/violence/some other topic chapters (not one) then it’s mature.

Let’s say erotica is mature but why? It might be the detail of sex but mainly it’s how many sex you added. So if author has 5 sex chapters but there’s plot (not porn or glorifying something) then mature.

If a story was like a romance movie but has only one sex chapter (whether explicit or not) it’s everyone because the main focus of plot is not sex but the story you’re writing. One example is The fault in our stars (I didn’t read the book but watched the movie). There’s a one sex scene in there (don’t know book though) but the whole plot is about cancer patient in love, doing teenage stuff, and traveling to meet the author, hence why it’s everyone if it were a WP story (but realistically it’s copyrighted :P)


Oh, I get it.
Fun fact: the fault in our stars has a jab towards twilight in the book sex scene-“No headboards were broken.”


Ooh, didn’t know that. I had to skip the scene since, even though I’m old enough, my mom was there :joy:


Lol exactly the reason I’m afraid of watching GoT


Is there any level of profanity that is deemed too explicit, say for example the “C” word maybe garnering it a mature rating?


It depends how many cuss words you use. I don’t know the number but if you have way way too many cuss then it could be mature but for a plot with a few cuss here and there it’s fine. The main importance is the plot theme and not the cuss XD


I also have questions, are mature works blocked from being featured, searched for, or in some way punished and excluded? I ask because nearly every website I’ve ever used severely hinders their mature content. But ideally, it should be exactly the same just with a “mature” tag now slapped on it, yes?

There wasn’t a lot of clarification in tos on if setting a story to mature will hurt the story and functionality it had on the site in some way.


The only thing the mature rating does is keeping the book off the search engine for people who’ve switched the mature filter on, and for those under 17.

It will do nothing else :slight_smile: You can still win watty’s, get featured, get on ambassador-run account’s reading lists and so on and so forth.


That’s great news. My book isn’t mature now but somewhere around chapter three I worry there’ll be a bit more violence than might be seen as “general.” :rofl:


If it was like that then there’s no point WP supporting or allowed mature stories so no worries, mature is like other stories just like AWFrasier said :smiley:


I can say as an all mature writer, it definitely hasn’t hindered anything in my experience. I suspect for certain genres it’s something people will actively look for.

Like mature romance - or mature horror :smile:


I mean mine is both mature romance and mature horror so

:ok_hand: :sunglasses:


I’d think the rating will only help you then :wink:


I was wondering about this too. I don’t even know how to ask this without getting banned.
But if there is the implication of genital mutilation, doesn’t actually happen though, would I have to rate it mature?


I saw you liked my post, but I was wondering if you could answer it. :sweat_smile: