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my current favorite work

If you’d like a gif graphic check out my thread here bugspray



TITLE: Angelic Desire: A Deadly Reunion
AUTHOR:Melissa Heagerty
FACE CLAIMS: As for face claims…I honestly don’t know lol

Faye Royce is not the woman everyone thinks she is. Some people are an open book, but Faye has dark secrets that she hides. It’s only later when those around her realize that there are two versions of Faye Royce, though no one knows the real one.That’s when the accident happens.All her life Faye has been told that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Can she break free of this social cage and get her friends to like the other side of her, the real side? Or will everyone around her reject the true Faye Royce? Just when she was beginning to get a grip on things, her past comes crashing down when she least expects it.Will Faye sag under the burden of the heavy truth or will she rise?

IDEAS: *Not sure if this will help but this is the old cover I had. I changed the name, which is why I need the new one lol

#2 If you can add… a police car, or the tape/have it near the water? Or i’ll take a newspaper headline?


ANYTHING ELSE: just that it’s a mystery/suspense book… (so think Pretty Little Liars… veronica Mars… somewhere along those lines :slight_smile:

TITLE:Eternity Without Viva Hunniford
AUTHOR:Taylor Nussbaum
SHORT SUMMARY:Its a story about a man that was changed into a vampire to save the love of his life and he has spent centuries with the memory of their love haunting him. His creator is a cruel woman who takes joy in his misery. Here is an Excerpt from the unedited version if you want a general feel: “Emil. Wake up. Please wake up.”
“Vava?” I croak out as I open my eyes. Instead of seeing Veva I see Elizabeth standing over me without her clothes on. Blood is caked into her tiny curls and covering her chest.
“I need you to clean all of this up.”
“Can I tomorrow night? I am very tired.”
Elizabeth sticks out her bottom lip and crosses her arms over her chest. Without a word she stalks off to the bathroom and slams the door.
I listen to the shower running and close my eyes again. Sleep does not come this time. Instead I lay there with the metallic smell of blood seeping throughout the house and I listen to the water flowing down the drain.
Elizabeth hums softly to herself the smell of her peach perfume begins to mask the blood. When the water cuts off the metal loops make a screeching sound as the curtain is drawn aside. When the door opens humidity creeps down the steps and her footsteps make small thumping sounds as she walks towards me. She has a small red towel wrapped around her body and her hair is pulled up into a clip. “Scoot over.” She says waving her hand to the side.
“Why?” I am really not in the mood for you Elizabeth.
“Because my bed has a dead guy in it.”

IDEAS:Maybe a bloody peach? Or some other innocent thing turned dark looking?
ANYTHING ELSE:take creative freedom. Seeing a cover motivates me to get a story done haha. Thank you and i hope you accept my request!

omg i love your unsolved cover so much!!! i love buzzfeed. probably the greatest thing i’ve ever seen seriously

@angelic_knightmare00 @T_J_Thomas . I’m going to need more ideas, or atleast inspo from both of you before I accept or deny. as stated in the rules I need atleast TWO ideas

Aw thank you. It’s one of the favorites I’ve done recently tbh especially for a “lighter” cover

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Fixed if you can still otherwise its okay :slight_smile:

you are accepted please complete payment and let me know when complete!

Also for a face claim, do you just want someone kind of simlliar to your old cover EI just caucausian brunette?

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Uh, yes please :slight_smile: i dont mind if its a couple either. Since the first book is about them rather than Faye to be honest lol and will do payment shortly.

Bump for an amazing cover artist

So this is what I ended up with let me know if you’d like any changes. if you plan on using it , please let me know and do not forget credit! you have 3 days to pick it up or it will become a premade


Oh I plan to. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Is there a way you can take the bridge off? Otherwise its perfect.

The only reason why is the story takes place in Pennsylvania…otherwise everything else fits :slight_smile:

the bridge was part of the background photo I used, so I wouldn’t be able to change with out change the entire background

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Ah, gotcha but still thank you :slight_smile: i still plan to use it though :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry about that! But glad u like it!

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TITLE: Recycled
SUBTITLE: Rules were made to be broken.
AUTHOR: Will + Genesis
SHORT SUMMARY: Lucia has always known exactly when she’s going to die. Everyone in the country does, ever since an overpopulation problem began to plague the country, and the Recycling law went into effect. Her family and friends have all accepted this. After all, rules are rules, right? But when it’s her turn to be imprinted, she stands firm in her belief that rules were made to be broken.
IDEAS: I’d like for this to have a sci-fi, dystopian feel to it. The focal point needs to preferably be a clock. Please see below for some covers I hope you’ll find inspiration in. If you choose to undertake this request, feel free to ask me for additional info should you need it.
INSPO: Click here or here or here or here.
ANYTHING ELSE: Thanks so much for reading my post. I love your graphics and hope you’ll give my request a try.

you are accepted please complete payment and let me know when complete!

for Joey do you have a certain look or age range your going for ?