quick fix ◉ pop-up GIF + cover shop | CLOSED



Welcome to my pop-up shop! This 'lil thread of mine will come and go. It will probably
only stay open one day at a time, so request while I’m still in my right state of mind.
I’ll be offering various graphics depending on my mood. Just check the next section
to see what stuff I’m offering at the moment.


Covers, Character GIFs, Ship GIFs, Intro/Sign-off GIFs


◉ Use my forms correctly
◉ You can only request up to 3 times
◉ Don’t be a dick to anyone here
◉ Credit me if you use the graphics
◉ No re-dos unless I made a mistake


Payment is completely up to you. If you want
to give me a follow, go ahead. Comments, dedications,
shoutouts? Sure! No payment at all? That’s fine, too.


(don’t copy the blurred parts)


Click Here for GIFs

◉ GIF Type: [check the next post for types]
◉ Text: [character names, authors names, quotes, etc.]
◉ Cast/Faceclaims: [actor(s) who play your characters]
◉ Ideas/Inspo: [tell me specifically what you want]
◉ Mood/Colors: [character’s expressions, themes, etc.]
◉ Payment Preference: [just put “none” if you don’t want to do any]


Click Here for Covers

◉ Title: [title of your book]
◉ Subtitle: [this is optional]
◉ Author’s Name: [pen names are prefered]
◉ Genre: [is your book teen fiction, fantasy, etc.?]
◉ Ideas/Inspo: [please be detailed with this]
◉ Mood/Colors: [please include both]
◉ Payment Preference: [just put “none” if you don’t want to do any]





CHARACTER GIF - it features one of your characters which may feature
their names, codenames, a quote that defines them.

w86fr2E wc3KLd0

SHIP GIF - it features two or more characters interacting
with each other, and may feature any text you want.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f75374564784b4e38364b714771413d3d2d3631343437343634312e31353438336664326265623434613463353533 hideaway

INTRO/SIGN-OFF GIF - usually features text for introduction including
book title, chapter title, author’s name; but it can feature anything, really.

one-curse goblin1





Maybe next time, bud.

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lovely graphics!

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Thank you, Lucifer. :kissing_heart:

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Is it weird that I never knew about this or no?

◉ GIF Type: Intro GIFs
◉ Text: Jay Noctis Lich
◉ Cast/Faceclaims: n/a
◉ Ideas/Inspo: Basically my name over a graveyard background or a night setting :3
◉ Mood/Colors: black mostly with a hint of violet

Thank you! this type of shop is actually my first time seeing so yeee.

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@WriterofMyths About the community forums? Hahaha, I guess a lot of Wattpad users don’t know. It took me about two years to find the old one.

@TheNoctisLich ooh, accepted! :grinning:

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@NeverYawn Thank your for informing me that… I love how you made your gif shop it’s beautiful.

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Go explore this little community. You’ll find a lot of good people here :smiley: Aww, thank you!

Alright I might come back to ask for a ship gif…

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Sure thing!

Thank you

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◉ GIF Type: Ship GIF
◉ Text: Lion and Wolf
◉ Cast/Faceclaims: Normani Kordei & Jason Momoa
◉ Ideas/Inspo: Hmm, well I was thinking that Jason Momoa’s gif is of him in game of thrones with his long hair very menacing. While Normani’s gif seemingly she looks far off. I can actually upload the gif in a book and tag you to it if you would like.
◉ Mood/Colors: Hmm, a dark red almost black color with a small of orange.

◉ your gifs are the best so here i am requesting again!
GIF Type: ship gif
◉ Text: gen ace
◉ Cast/Faceclaims: becky g and tom holland
◉ Ideas/Inspo: maybe there are cards scatteted around the cover? or if you can’t find anything like that maybe the jocker card.
◉ Mood/Colors:
colors - black, white, red.
mood - love and hate kind of vibe

thank you for considering!

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I couldn’t decide on which type of spoopy to go with,
so you get two versions. Thanks for requesting!



@WriterofMyths @moralesparker accepted! Welcome to the community, both of you!

Hi. So can I request only three times overall, right?

So pretty!!

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Yes. :slight_smile:

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