Quirky dragon habits.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to include any quirky habits that a dragon might have in my current story. I may try to make room in the second draft, but what are some things that they might do to annoy their rider the same way a loving brother might do to annoy their sister?

I’ve thought about a few things, such as messing with her hair each time she tries styling it, but I think that could become repetitive and I don’t want that to happen. I want there to be some playful bantering but not to over use it.

I’m hoping to include something like this in a second story I’m working on.

You could have the dragon hoard some minor stuff from around the area and keep it hidden near where it sleeps (I guess you would call it a nest but IDK) and when the rider tries to find something it normally disappeared because of the dragon. Just a thought.

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That actually sounds like fun. Even more annoying if he starts taking stuff from other villagers. XD

Yeah, or you could have the dragon blow smoke signals whenever the rider’s love interest is around. Like hearts or signs or just do some writing in the clouds or something with smoke. IDK about that one too.

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In my King’s series, the dragon-bound can talk directly, mind-to-mind, with the dragons. Therefore, I gave the main character’s dragon most of the good lines. I liked the idea of a smart mouthed dragon who commented on human foibles.