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Take this quote and write a small scene! I’d love to see different peoples interpretations of this! Make sure to include the quote somewhere within there :blush:



This can literally apply to three of my characters and I dunno which one to do!
Do you want MC1 and MC2 talking, or MC2 and SCA, or SCB and SCC?

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Whichever one you want to do! :blush:

Slowly and grumpily, she trudged down the stairs, half asleep, towards the clatters coming from the kitchen. With her eyes still slightly closed, she grumbled, “What in good heavens are you doing at this ghastly hour? My goodness!” He turned away from his mess and chuckled at the sight before him. Her auburn hair, practically tangled into a cat-meddled yarn, stood at its ends and partially covered her freckled, drool streaked face, only leaving one hazel eye clear. “What do you think I’m doing?” He asked rhetorically, ruffling her hair to annoy her even more. Seeing her teeth gritted, he raised his hands up in surrender, “Don’t hurt me! You see, being the benevolent, charming man that I am, I decided to make you some of my world renowned pancakes.” She rolled her eyes, “Are you sure it’s world renowned pancakes because I’m pretty sure you mean world disowned pancakes. Look at this mess you’ve made here.” He feigned hurt, his eyes sparkling with mischief, “A good chef, like myself, would know that it’s not the mess that matters but the result. So, I’m not worrying about the mess, as I, as the head chef and master of this house, have assigned you with the important task of cleaning it up. Such tasks are below my standards and caliber.” She ignored him and walked up to the flour covered counters and examined the mess. Looking at him straight in the eye, she picked up an egg, “So you’re telling me that this mess doesn’t matter? That it can just become worse and worse?” He raised an eyebrow, confused, “Well of course, I have you as my servant to handle it at the end.” Without another word, she chucked the egg onto his navy shirt, smirking at the sight of the yellow egg yolk dripping off it. “You’re a monster” he hissed; she laughed and said, “better a monster then an arrogant god.” She left, fully awake now, and he stood there gaping at the situation, still slightly dazed.

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I love this! :joy: so lighthearted and cute

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Thank you!

So, I actually really enjoyed doing this. Can I continue this thing and just add another quote as well?