Being a critic is a valuable experience that teaches you how to look at your own work more objectively.


Do you think it helped you notice things to correct in your own stories? I imagine it would.


Why are you so fast? Now you don’t get to answer my question. :joy:


I’m half-mind reader and half-fast typer. :joy:


I would love to have a mind like an editor’s. When I have someone (that actually edits) edit my word, they always find things that I would not have looked twice at


Give me 50% of that skill, and I’ll be set for the future.


Practice helps. Offering editing help to others will allow you to build up some skills.

You should see me at work. On some chapters I critique, I leave a comment on every sentence. :joy:

Typically, most chapters I critique get upwards of 100 comments in google docs.


Nothing is more aggravating then writing something up, extensively–and then something trivial like your internet disconnecting screws you over.

Gets me every time.


I almost screamed yesterday night when I didn’t see my work. It was just loading though haha


This is probably a blessing for some, and a curse for others.

I personally invite anything interested in honing my skills. But not too sharp. We don’t want to cut anyone.

Or do we.


So far, everyone I’ve critiqued for has been pleased with my feedback, which is nice.

yes let’s go pop all the balloons


I once woke up to 150 comments. I was shook to the core


On your story or in the Community?




I’m so happy for you. What’s it like up there?




I’m just desperately waiting for a glow up


I just thought of something. You know when people start a conversation with a question, but then get upset if they don’t get the answer that they wanted?

Why. Why even ask then?


but instead I eat hot cheetos and beg my mom for more.l.


I checked my clock, and it says your upcoming glow-up is scheduled for tomorrow.