I have to agree with you




I say everybody deserves respect, whether you are straight, gay, asexual, you deserve it. Unless you´re a jerk, then go away.


I’m going to quote you on this out of context


It depends on how you look at it. Most people who hate something will not see themselves as hypocrites but more like victims and then vice-versa for everyone else.

I have LGBT people hating my LGBT fiction, but I don’t hate them personally or as a phobia because of it–even though I am a cis white male. I just can’t bring myself to hate others based on a difference of opinion. (Unless you love Trump and hate everyone who isn’t white or gay or women.)

But true hate? Racism? Phobias about people or cultures or race? Not possible. :slight_smile:


ok then


I can’t either. I’m open minded that way


I don´t hate people, too much work. I will however think a whole lot less of someone who sees others as less than them because of what they are rather than who they are.


So basically they stoop to a new low


The sad thing is that it´s not new at all, its common


That’s why I get confused and angry at the diversity crowd when they call me a racist for not having any diversity in my books. I don’t look like a racist (I have pictures to prove it) and my apartment looks like your normal piece of Americana complete with knicknacks and wolf paintings.

I just don’t feel like a white supremacist or even a Southern racist like Judge Roy Moore or Senator Lindsey Graham.


I hate people like that. literally if someone doesnt see any different races they just get super mad over nothing and its so stupid. why is it that these days everyone gets offended over the smallest things that arent even really a problem…


I’m glad you don’t feel like Lindsey Graham.

Who is he exactly? Asking as a Canadian.


I have no idea. I just could never figure that out.

I guess people just want to be dicks all the time to other people because that’s part of their racial upbringing. What they’ve been taught to fear and hate.


That’s true


He’s the moron who is cahoots with Trump and flip-slops on pretty much everything. He thinks women are making stuff up when they report rape or sexual assault and believes in faeries and unicorns.


yeah. sometimes i feel like people dont even have the brain to think realistically anymore. they just automatically ASSUME and SAY things that dont even make any sense without even thinking first. They don’t think about real life and what actually makes sense and how things ACTUALLY work, they just want to stay inside their heads all the time…


Was he the guy who wanted to re-invade Iraq in your last presidential election


They’ve built a pretty convincing alternate reality for themselves that is devoid of facts and truth (and science) and so anyone we try to “educate” them on becomes a heated discussion over liberalism, right wing paranoia, and fake news.

One guy argued with me that universal health care was Orwellian in nature and should be destroyed because it gives the government too much control over our lives. I said, we already have socialist medicine in America that is controlled at the federal and state level already.

I said, “You have a choice between being treated under that system or you can go ahead and die painfully and alone. Which is it going to be?”


90% of all Republicans wanted to re-invade Iraq–much like 90% of all Republicans want to invade Iran for the very same reason. And why 90% of Evangelicals want the GOP to end the world in a nuclear holocaust so they can be Raptured. (True story.)