This turned into a politics rant quickly


No. More like a political science class. :wink:


sad thing is, its mostly adults that do this (or at least from what ive seen). im a 14 YEAR OLD and i realise all of this, i’m wondering why most ADULTS who are much older and wiser cant do the same…


Good ol’ fashioned brainwashing. And spoon fed propaganda–which basically revolves around “us versus them” and “what’s in it for me?”


Maybe it was too bad Trump fired Bannon - he seemed less interventionist than most of them, for all his glaring faults. Then again, less interventionist can be bad too.


John Bolton’s the one you have to keep an eye on. He’s the one responsible for the cluster fuck that was the Iraq War in the 2000s.

He also thinks that nuclear war with North Korea will be a “piece of cake”.


I hate the much older generations that diss on the younger ones talking about " ooh you don’t understand this like I do because blah blah " but they’re ones complaining about us just laying around.

Hate when some elderly expect someone younger than them to respect them EVEN when they’re the ones being disrespectful.


He’s def shifty but I kind of do agree on one point with him - not recognizing the World Court. Letting Americans be tried by an organization connected to the UN Security council can’t be a healthy long term plan


True, and I also hate the younger ones who diss on older ones

“ooh can’t wait till the older generation dies off” Yeah right, spoiled kids whining like that can go to politics hell


or when someone basically take advantage of anything for the disabled and lie about having a disability, BUT as soon as they meet up with a real person with a disability. They either laugh, run away or say you don’t look disabled.


Oh my gosh that’s so true


How about people who don’t take into account Stockholm syndrome and other illnesses? That drives me nuts




can I go out on a hunch and say you’re a Taurus?


I remember telling my mom one time, “I can do whatever I want and you can’t stop me!” (12 years old and stupid as dirt?)

She looks at me and says: “Fine. Go get a job and pay the bills.”

My mom. 33 years old. And raising 3 boys by herself.


Wow. Damn


I get that a lot from people. I tell them that I am disabled and they look at me and quip: “You don’t look disabled.”


I showed her and got a dish washing job…at 18. :smiley:


Good for you! And props to your mom for raising 3 boys by herself! That takes skill


I was in the Job Corps from 15-17 every summer and making some money on the side. Landscaping and gardening.