I remember hearing about similar programs the state covers for people with those kinds of disabilities. Independent Living Classes I think they are called.


Because most people with my disability, someone would be able to tell but with me, they can’t tell unless I tell them or they find out by themselves.


Yup that what they are called over here.


It’s the same with me. Unless I tell people I have mental health issues or something, they will treat me as “one of the guys”.


Also there’s Independence for the blind and okay at least I’m not only one.


I heard those classes are fun.


Idk. I haven’t been able to get into the program and I’m not blind blind ( well I do wear glasses so I guess I should say I am)


I had to take a couple of years worth of eye drops to reinforce my optic nerves because of a degradation issue.

I’m nearsighted enough. Don’t need to go blind yet. lol


wow…100 something comments…wow


I’m gonna get sum hot cheetos and study for chemistry ok


can someone help me with the activity series in chemistry I CANT UNDERSTAND THIS


I just got that book yesterday!!! You should(if you want to) also read, American Street, by Ibi Noboi. I just started and I find great!! :grinning: (It’s not a Wattpad book)


Ok the book sounds nice, what’s the genre?


It’s YA and Realistic Fiction.


I want to rant about the My Little Pony Movie. I’m afraid I’ll get spammed, but I’ll say it anyway. If people read this and they disagree with me that’s great. I’m glad you can enjoy something I can’t. I really do appreciate MLPFiM but this movie just doesn’t do it’s property justice in my opinion.

Why didn’t the princesses just stop Tempest by grabbing and immobilizing her with her magic? Then there would be no way the monsters would be able to deal with the princesses if she’s the only one who knows how to do magic.

Why on earth would they trust Capper? The barren wilderness town is clearly not full of very trustworthy people. Sure you did learn not to trust people based on appearances, but even Twilight can see that doesn’t mean you should trust everyone. Just get out while you still can!

Open up your Eyes is easily my least favorite song in the movie. Tempest’s villain song is almost entirely telling Twilight how to look at things. A lot of great Disney villain songs communicate the personality of the villain. Scar is full of himself and has the cunning to back it up as shown in Be Prepared. Mother Gothel is manipulative and is trying to make you think she’s trustworthy in Mother Knows Best and it’s reprise. We can see Tempest’s character in her song. We learn about her tragic past and her disillusionment of friendship, but all she’s doing is telling Twilight why she failed. The song is simply empty because she could just tell Twilight all that in simple words. Jafar does something similar in his song Prince Ali (reprise) but that song works because he’s taking action against Aladdin and gaining the upper hand. Tempest will have the upper hand and the song really doesn’t do anything to add to that. Tempest is trying to convince Twilight that her belief in friendship is why she failed, but Twilight clearly failed because she broke from her friends and her morals. All Twilight had to do was say so and Tempest would have to stop singing. Sure that’s how we find out her tragic backstory with her horn, but again she could just tell her her backstory. Wait, why is Tempest trusting her scarring backstory to a complete stranger? Also, if she can’t trust anyone but herself why is she doing all this work for the Storm King and trusts that he’s going to keep his end of the bargain? Why not just make the staff herself or just double cross the Storm King before he can use the staff? If you needed the magic of the God like benevolent rulers of the land to fix your horn, why not just ask? Even if your magic is out of control the princesses would have an interest in stopping you from hurting people by fixing your horn and would be glad you weren’t trying to hurt people.

I feel like the character arcs in the movie are all over the place and characters perform heel face turns way too fast even if they have believable motivations. I think focusing on the journey outside of Equestria and into all these villages puts too many characters into the narrative that we need to get to know, especially since there’s a cast of 7 main pony characters. I think this film should have focused on one pony. One way they could have had the journey outside Equestria is to have a bad guy attack Equestria but it turns out to be a ploy to separate the wielders of the elements of harmony to capture them and one manages to escape. So the bad guy uses the others as bait planning for the one that escaped to come rescue her friends. As that characters travels trying to find the bad guy she picks up a few allies, say one or maximum three, that she teaches the magic of friendship to and they help her grow as a person and they all rescue the mane six. Now it would turn the other mane six and possibly Spike into damsels in distress but the movie did the same thing with the princesses and everyone in Ponyville. In my opinion it would have allowed more space for character development to focus on one primary arc and sticking to it. The rest of the mane six don’t even have to wait around to be rescued. They might be able to thwart his efforts to capture their friend while playing along as his or her prisoners then pinning him down at a crucial moment for their friend to take him down.

If anyone has anything to add or comment on please do.




That’s right! I’m a pegasister! Nice to meet you BrandonMull_Lover!




Say you want to talk about MLPFiM?