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I’m going to try on my computer in a bit and see if that works first


@Southpuffle did you ever happen to make a cover for a book entitled The Beauty Curse?


The title doesn’t sound familiar do you have a picture? I’m better with visuals lol




No, thats not one of mine. It is really pretty though!


Okay. I can’t remember who did the cover, so I’m just gonna request for a new cover.


title: Paramour
author: Cosette Altair
short summary: In a medieval version of America, a French princess reunites with her childhood best friend despite being married and only human at night.
ideas: I’m kinda inspired by the Matched trilogy, so if you could have a woman trapped inside a glass ball in the middle of the cover, that would be great. As for the background, if there could be a wolf face on one half, and half of Katie McGrath’s face in the other, that would be great as well.
pictures: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUoGbqEQmJ2pWOZ4b_U4SO_LImPkgC17GfPKREIjFs1kGW7C22
faceclaim: Katie McGrath
dark/light: Dark
mood/genre: Romantic but with influences of werewolf/Romance; Werewolf
inspo: The cover of Matched by Ally Condie. Also this:
is the story published yet?: No, but it will be soon (like Friday)
anything else: Thank you.


here is your redo



You are accepted please complete the required payment on my story spilt milk and satellites or fault line




I’m not sure if you saw it but I’m done with payment


Thank you so much, I’m working on it cover now


What is thread hopping


requesting the same graphic on two different threads at the same time




What are your forms? I want to request a cover but I don’t know what the template is. Also, how do you make these? Are these premades/pics off of the internet or do you do your own stuff?


the forms are in the first post below my gif examples and before the queue. and they are made from various pictures from the internet




How many people can be in the crack ship?


I prefer two but debeing on the gifs might be able to get three in one depends on how many frames the gifs are and size of them