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hey hun Ive been trying since yesterday to get the double exposure to work and it just doesnt want to, do you have any other ideas? or maybe a different background for the exposure





I have a new graphic available

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Request A COVER

title: Veins


author: Lara Ann Lee

short summary: Professional wrestling was his calling, but it cost him the best thing in his life; his girlfriend.

ideas: I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of Blizzard or Arrhythmia with the guy on the front, maybe add rain in the background. If you use arrhythmia as a base cover, I would like a wrestling ring or just http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140108033856/prowrestling/images/0/02/WWE_Championship.png behind him.


faceclaim: Dean Ambrose

dark/light: Dark

mood/genre: Fanfic

inspo: N/A

is the story published yet?: Not yet. Will be tonight.

anything else: This isn’t disney.


I have a few, sorry for taking a while to respond :slight_smile:

Here they are:

A simple minimalistic cover with Tasie Lawrence in the centre, with white and blue paint, swirls around the image? Similar to the cover attached.


Another idea would be a cover in the style of the attached, with maybe a couple lying down so that there faces are obscured by flowers?

A third idea would be another double exposure cover but with Tasie Lawrence having flower covering her whole face apart from her lips.


Thnx hun i’ll see what I can do

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You are accepted please complete the required payment on my story spilt milk and satellites fault line Or no bueno


Payment complete


@JMayflower @LaraXOX3 sorry for the wait on your graphics, we just had a funeral for my uncle who just passed so I haven’t been on my laptop much these last couple days I promise I’ll get both graphics done this week


Oh my. I’m so sorry! Take your time. My condolences.


Oh my gosh! Hun, I am so sorry for your loss :broken_heart:


title: lost in haven
author: nocturnophile
short summary: MC, Soren is on the case of a missing barista in her small town, only to discover there are dark forces at work, and some of it is inside her.
faceclaim : no faceclaim
dark/light: dark
mood/genre: supernatural/paranormal/mystery || dark

is the story published yet?: no
anything else: this isn’t disney


Requesting a gif
type: crackship Character [ xxx ] Aethstic
text: adelyn / a game of changing tides
faceclaim: kaya scodelario
mood: it’s a pirate book, so I mean whatever that means haha. probably a little dark? not that the gif really suggests that
ideas: maybe have A game of changing tides on one side of the gif and her name, in a smaller font, on the other?
Thank you! also this isn’t Disney


Request A Character Edit:
Face claim: cameron monaghan image
what you want changed: (if you’re going to use this image) make the shirt color more off-white or at least less bright! (if you can’t, that’s alright)
ideas: since this is for a newsie fanfic, it’s set during new york in the early 1900s. you may use a filter that makes it look older, but still use high contrast and don’t turn down the saturation too much!!
background: either newspapers or an old town (examples)

dark/light: it really depends on the background, but maybe more light and soft (?)
color scheme: whites, browns and/or dark blues
anything else: this is not disney (even though “newsies” is haha), thanks! my character’s name is Snaps (yes, Snaps. It’s a nickname :slight_smile: )


Payment completed


Hiya! I’m going to cancel my graphic, sorry for the inconvience