Radio Serials

Does anyone enjoy listening to the old radio serials like Dimension X or X Minus One? I often draw inspiration from these hard working short story authors. Some are obviously classic authors like Ray Bradbury. Are there any sci-fi radio shows that I should be listening to from this era?

I listen to radio ballads by Ewen Maccoll and Peggy Seeger from the 1950s. These are more documentary than fiction.
For similar approach with a mixture of music and story I listen to Gordon Bok’s Another Land Made of Water–1979. I think it counts as fantasy. I suppose there is also Garrison Keiller’s Prairie Home Companion.

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I also enjoy fantasy and am dabbling in the genre. Right now, I’m reading “Theft of Swords.” I’ll have to make a note of Another Land Made of Water. Thanks.

Only radio serial I’ve listened to is the NPR serial for the Star Wars trilogy. Those were absolutely fantastic productions, some of the best stuff out there, but I never ended up listening to any other radio dramas.

However, because my new job has made me do a whole lot of driving every week, I have been getting into audiobooks a lot. The Revenge of the Sith novelization audiobook was fantastic, and I am currently halfway into William Gibson’s The Peripheral which is quite good. So, I’m really starting to like audio stories quite a lot.

What’s some radio serials that you can find on Youtube or something that you’d recommend? I want to add them to my queue.

Definitely Dimension X, or X Minus One. They originally broadcast on the radio in the fifties.

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