Radish fiction. Let's talk about it

So I discovered a website called radish and want to know if anybody has went to the website before. And what is it like if you been to this website before.

I am a writer on there, so I can answer most questions: reader questions and writer questions alike.


Do they notice your work on wattpad? I tried to figure that out

They do if they are scouting. If you apply to write with them, I believe you can give them a link of your Wattpad profile and they may look over it. I am not entirely sure, I sent in an application when it was still brand new, before they released the Android app. At that time, the application requested a sample of your work or a link to a website where your work can be found.

If you’re talking about in general. They don’t look at your profile, unless you give them a link in the application. And as far as I know, they do not check your profile after you have been approved or denied.

As far as I have noticed, they don’t promote your Wattpad profile, and they don’t follow your account, read your works, etc.

I hope this helps.

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They approached me on several occasions and I even once set up a call with them to hear what they had to offer. The guy was late for the call and then tried to reschedule, but when I didn’t jump straight away, they just dropped it. Found that a bit unprofessional.


As far as I know, they poach popular authors on Wattpad because they’re popular, so the author can pull their readers with them over to Radish.

It’s good if you wanna make money, but they’re very exclusive and elitist. I don’t know how true it is, but that’s what I hear every time people talk about Radish.

Here’s some other threads on Radish: Radish - Anyone on there?

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I took at look at the Radish terms and conditions and it seems you give up all rights to your work if you publish with them? Did I read that right?

I got an invite from them sometime last year to join their site. The terms an conditions are what made me nope out. I want about to hand over rights to any of my works to anybody without contacts and payment.

You only give them full rights to your book if you are posting books exclusively to Radish. If you have a book you want to cross-publish you can, you just can’t keep the chapters locked. I read through the contract I signed quite thoroughly and they do not hold rights to your works.

I publish using their “freemium” model. Essentially, you publish chapters, the first three are free, and the rest are to be bought. But they unlock a week after publication. After 21 days of the initial unlock of a chapter, you are free to publish that chapter on other platforms.

I have not personally used them to publish anything exclusively, but for writers who do that, they are not allowed to put the book anywhere else. Only the first three chapters can be published on other platforms, the rest are locked indefinitely. Which means Radish holds are rights to those books.


So, basically, if you want to earn top whack with Radish, Radish owns the rights.

Pretty much.

If you want to earn more than some pocket change, you have to write very long books with short chapters, or hand over your rights.

That’s, unfortunately, what I have encountered with every serial publication platform. If you want to make something, you have to give up the rights. Or have enough of a following that will buy new chapters before they unlock as free.

That being said, I personally have no interest in actually publishing any of my books—wether traditionally or self-published—so publishing on a serial site is the best for me personally.


I believe that I read that you’re able to take down your stories 9 months after they are marked ‘complete’ on Radish. Is that true? I have an author account with them as well, but I’m afraid of giving rights away so I’ve been holding back.

I’m not sure, I don’t have anything that has been marked complete for 9 months.

I’m almost positive that the Radish exclusive books are not able to be deleted, at all. I’m not sure about the freemium model, I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure if it has been 9 months users can send a request to have them removed.

I’ll have to email someone and inquire then.


Tagging @TamaraLush - would you be able to give more insight about this?

I have books on Radish, both exclusive and non-exclusive. I know there are many who went from Wattpad to Radish, I kind of did the opposite :slight_smile:

I also publish on Amazon/Kobo/iBooks/Google Plus. So for me, Radish (and Wattpad) are part of an overall publishing strategy. I’ve made a pretty decent amount of money on Radish, and one of my trilogies there has around 750K reads.

Feel free to ask me anything about them!


Do you put your Amazon books on Radish? How does that work?

I actually just got a bit more information.

For premium stories on Radish, this is what I was told via email:

If you were planning to use the Premium model, then you can publish episodes elsewhere after the final episode comes out and the story cannot be available for Free.

So I’m guessing Tamara Lush has premium books on Radish that are also published on

for sale.

Meaning you can take your premium books elsewhere, as long as the book is complete on Radish and the book is not available for free on any website.


That’s exactly it.