Radish fiction. Let's talk about it



I had some Amazon books on Radish early on, before they had some of the rules they do now. I just treated it as any other retailer and uploaded. I upload direct to all retailers.


Huh, I never knew this was a thing with Radish! Definitely something I need to consider as I pursue publishing.


Can the book be uploaded all at once for completeness, or do authors usually debut on Radish then upload elsewhere? @TamaraLush


I wouldn’t upload all at once — I’ve tried that and it hasn’t gone as well as uploading serially. The readers there really adore cliffhangers, and consistent, scheduled updates.

I think some big indie authors upload backlist books to Radish after they’ve had a good run elsewhere. But that could be changing, too.


Do you retain the rights to your work, regardless of which way you post on Radish? Someone told me you’re only able to keep your rights if you post the chapters for free. And you can only take your story down from the site after it’s been marked complete for over a certain amount of months?


There are a variety of different options. You can post your work and retain your rights — and charge for it, or make it free. You can sign an exclusive contract with them in exchange for more promo (usually the contract is around 9 months), but you still retain the rights to your work. That’s more like a Kindle Unlimited-type setup of exclusivity.

That said, there are a handful of people who write serials exclusively for Radish, and get paid an advance, and royalties, like a traditional publisher. My serial Love is the Drug is like this, and like a traditional publisher, they hold the rights to that for a set period of time. This is only a small fraction of stories there, though.

As far as when you can remove a story, it depends on whether it’s complete and/or exclusive. I’ve had backlist books that are wide that I’ve been able to remove easily. It all just depends. Many authors use Radish like another platform, while others offer exclusive content. I’ve done a combo of both.


So, say I have a book up on Amazon, I could potentially (if approved) serialize it on Radish for profit, even though its already for sale elsewhere?


Yes. You might not get as much promo if it’s not exclusive, but yes, that is possible. My book Constant Craving was published first on Radish, then I put it on Amazon and elsewhere.


Thank you so much for your response. It’s much more clear now.


This is an extremely informational thread about Radish. I’ve another question though, how much do you earn with either of the models, exclusive or non-exclusive? As in, say you’ve published with them non-exclusively and a reader purchases your chapter for 3 coins (that’s how much they charge per chapter, right?), how much royalty would you get for those 3 coins spent on your work?


You get 4.2c per coin I believe. I’ve been publishing my most recent work there for months, but it hasn’t been a good experience for me. I did get one payout but I’m not going to do all the work needed to scrape together another one. I have less than 1% as many readers there as I have here. My readership there hasn’t been increasing.

They’ve changed the models a few times and I can’t claim to have kept up. Their new feature, the reader chat rooms, have been a total waste of time for me. I find my readers usually take 6-12 hours after I post a new chapter to read it. Unfortunately, the chat system closes after 3 hours so it’s invariably closed before anyone reads anything.

I’ve been using the “Freemium” model where each chapter becomes free after 7 days. If I could be persuaded to give them another try, I’d probably go for the “Premium” model this time, but I just can’t find enough readers there.


That’s informative, thanks so much!


So, I’ve noticed Radish has moved a lot toward kind of doing co-productions with a lot of traditionally published romance authors, sort of in a similar vein to how Riverdale is available on cable with CW but also is released with Netflix. So writers who have traditional publishing deals will also have books on Radish.

This makes it super competitive to make money, as the Radish front page is usually very professional romance novels. Lots of abs of steel on those book covers. If you’ve heard that Radish holds all your rights, you may be hearing rumors from very early on. When I was first invited to join Radish, I didn’t sign a contract at all. I didn’t sign one until I was invited to make a book exclusive. It was my best-read book on Wattpad, so I declined and was invited instead to write a new novel for their newer Radish Selects program, which included being on the front page, but I can’t say I made a lot of money on it. It was very difficult for my little mystery/thief book with just a smidgen of romance to compete. Even being in the Selects program, full disclosure, I made $50 and spent $26 paying for the stock photo for my cover.

The contract did not take away my rights to my book forever. If I chose to, I could request the rights back and see how it goes. (It didn’t make them a lot of money so I can’t really seeing it being a huge issue if I wanted to make it non-exclusive to Radish later).

Radish is tricky because there aren’t as many ways to promote your book yourself on the platform itself. I did a lot of Twitter and Facebook promotion, but it’s quite hard to convert people onto a new app vs. on Wattpad where you can promote in clubs to readers who already use Wattpad. Unless you have a huge fanbase on Wattpad already, I wouldn’t necessarily dream of applying to Radish and making the 6 figure profits they like to mention the top writers make. The competition can be very professional and even harder if you don’t write romance.