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title: Peekaboo
subtitle*: I see you
author: Rachel H.
genre: action, romance, new adult
ideas: you have creative freedom so if you have a different idea then me, please go ahead and do it. Here are some ideas if you need though: a girl peeking behind her fingers, just a dark cover with light peeking through, banged up legs with cuts and bruises, a girls bare back with cuts and bruises, just a pair of eyes (either forest green or hazel). Colors: anything on the darker side, black, grey, red, purple. The story is about a sex trafficking victim so if you could do something with that.
pictures*: n/a
other*: Description:
I see you.
Where’d you go?
Natalya has been away from home since she was 15. But now seven years later, she unwillingly comes back to a place she once called home full of people she doesn’t know, who are full of dangerous secrets.

But they are nothing compared to hers.


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Oh my - your character designs are so good!
character name: Katrina Monich
description: Alrighty! She is about 5’6, dark brown hair down to her mid back(little bit of bangs behind her ears,) her eye color is different she has one light blue eye and one slightly darker blue eye, she is quite small in her frame, and she has a full sleeve of tattoos on her right arm (none specific.) She is wearing a short sleeve Queen shirt and dark blue skinny jeans with black converses.

Eye Colors

Shirt and tattoo

Pants and shoes

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title: Our House But It Isn’t Home
author: Laura Ann Lee
genre: Fanfic
ideas: I was thinking the background could be something along the lines of this but use Him The font should be either cursive or simple font like in the example. I would like a nice PSD Colouring (assuming you use photoshop, of course). Or you could do something similar to this and use Selena Gomez and the guy I mentioned above.
other*: Thanks if you accept


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