Random People added Your Book into Their Reading List



I’ve had those too over the past week. I know I should be grateful, but it’s kinda scary. :open_mouth:


This kind of thing has happened to me long before I join community, yeah it’s kind of scary.

I’m not racist, but most of them are from South Africa idk why


It would be nice if they actually read my stories but like you mentioned, the read count doesn’t go up at all. I find it a little…perturbing because in a span of ten minutes or so, three or more accounts would add your stories to their libraries and they’ve only joined for about an hour.

Or maybe we’re just looking too much into it, lmao


Lol maybe, since I’m pretty an undiscovered writer


Yes, I get that a lot. A lot of them silently read the book eventually.

Or they forget about it :joy:


Hope they read the book :joy:


I wish more random people add my books to their lists.

Now whether they read or not is a different issue.


That happened to me most of times, it kinda used to annoy me at first but now i don’t really care about random people adding my book to their reading lists. Glad i’m not the only one who gets their books added into random reading lists.


This has been happening to me quite often lately and I still thank them for adding the book and/or following me. Because it’s possible my book just showed up in their recommended and they plan on reading it later. If they don’t, they don’t. No sense lingering over it ^^

I’ll still continue to share my story on social media and the appropriate threads :smiley:


this sounds like the best problem to have send these random users my way!!


Send them to you?


It might be spam accounts.

When I first joined I randomly got a lot of followers and some of them had no pfp, no books, etc. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Over the past month or so, I’ve gotten random people voting as well as adding my “Laura & Her Daddy [18+]” story to their reading lists without saying anything, so…

Sure, it’s frustrating sometimes to know that they’re not commenting or otherwise interacting with me and/or the story itself, but oh well. :confused:


I have that thought too


Yeah, kind of suck