Random Thoughts for Brainstorming

Most communication that wolves do is nonverbal. What if the werewolves were much less talkative for this reason?

Also, on a similar train of thought, how do your werewolves interact with wild wolves?

Interesting thought!

For me, wolves tend to ignore werewolves and vice versa. Im some cases were a werewolf or wolf is brought up around the other or spends enough time to get comfortable then they can hangout, but it’s not like the languages are the same.
The body languages for each side are different. So if a shifter were to live with a wolf pack they might gain some knowledge of it but not all. A regular wolf would not understand a shifters body language that well either.

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Well, since werewolves are part human part wolf in my opinion they would share the traits of both. Since all the wolves are not the same/ all the humans are not the same some werewolves will communicate in a nonverbal way connected with their wolf genes. On the other hand, for some werewolves the human genes may be predominant hence they turn out more talkative. I haven’t written any werewolf stories yet but I have read many and everyone has a different opinion. In my mind the werewolves are dominant and hence their interaction with wolves is based on wolves subservience to them. When they first meet there might be some animosity but the werewolves alpha dominance (even if he is not an alpha in his own pack comes to play and the wolf bow down. I don’t think they would be able to understand each other clearly but there would be an underlying instinct defining their relationship. (wow I sound like I know what I am talking about. I don’t, I am just taking up this opportunity to procrastinate. ). It is however an interesting point to consider.


My ‘wolves’ have their own island, so any interactions with real wolves are exceedingly rare. But if wild wolves actually knew what they were doing (basking in their image despite being neither good wolves or good human beings) they’d flip.

They gained the ability to shift as a way to deal with famine and drought, and their body language/telepathic powers developed in the same way. So it’s not very nuanced, quite limited in its permutations compared to actual language, and generally frowned upon in polite society.

My MC’s father grew up in the Black Forest. His great-grandfather had been found by soldiers and given to an old peasant couple to raise. He grew up wary of how ppl would react to him, and eventually went mostly all wolf, living in a pack. He had a son (MC’s grandfather) in the wolf pack who became curious about humans, married one, had a son. That son became curious about the world, made his way to America, got married.

So interactions with real wolves became natural. To live and hunt as a wolf is second nature to them. Not so with others who had been bitten. They know nothing about being a wolf, until my MC teaches them.

As far as talking, my MC loves storytelling, but he has a silent communication with his one cousin that he’s close to. It isn’t mental, just hand movements, but they are so in tune with each other, it doesn’t take much for them to relay much with simple gestures.

Scientists are thinking that even human babies and dogs understand each other better than adult humans because both are nonverbal and learn communication that way.

I know that when my nephew was a baby, he and the house dog were little partners on crime. The dog could reach things that the baby couldnt and would grab whatever the baby wanted to play with. In return, the baby threw food off his high chair for the dog to eat.

The same is true for dogs and other animals. Animals can learn language (verbal or body) and are curious enough to try.

New thoughts for brainstorming:

I want to see a Lisa Frank werewolf


Werewolves live in antarctica, right? Or maybe those are some of those South African penguins. I don’t know.

But at least, if we’re going to have special wolves, make them really damn special:



Well, this is my inspirational bit for today:

From this imgur post, with satisfying responses:


I didn’t know about this wolf/crow relationship. I totally want to see this played out in a story in a significant way. Like… crows are werewolves best friends, or bad omen of them coming.