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What would you mainly like to see in a romance story, but other romance stories don’t have?

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I would love to see more interracial relationships in fantasy-romance. You would think that fantasy-romance would be the perfect place to do that, but I rarely ever see it.

I understand. A lot of fantasy are more focus on action/adventure, but you’ve rarely see any romance in it.

Yeah. I don’t know why there can’t be both. There can be both adventure and romance in something, it’s not that hard to pull off.

Not everyone can pull that off, or have the idea to do that. Some prefer to leave fantasy as action/adventure.

Semi-requited love, or even love that’s not requited until it’s to late. Just shy of tragedy, though I think I’m getting sick of full blown tragedy.

Think Antigone, or Romeo And Juliet. Dark romance, but not without joy.

I suppose so. Either way, I make an effort to include both. I love writing adventurey fantasy romance so much.

I’d love to see a “bad boy” and a “good girl” with a healthy relationship for once.

That’s something that might not happen. Since it’s a ‘bad boy’ story, something will always happen that will stir the relationship off.

Stirring the relationship doesn’t mean it’s not a healthy relationship at its core. What I’m talking about is all those “I’m gonna say horrible, horrible things to you and make you think I’m cheating to get back at you for one mistake you made but when I say sorry things are instantly fixed” type of relationships.

I love the trope when it’s done well but so many stories have the girl and boy acting horrible towards each other just because they can. No relationship is perfect and things happen but what if the bad boy and good girl use their mouths and communicate instead of playing cruel games?

You know, speaking of mixing fantasy and romance, Honestly I would love to just see a romance between like a couple of badass superheroes or something. Or a villain and a hero who are together outside of their feud but don’t know that the other is their nemesis.

Oh, that’s what you meant. That can be really irritating at times. There’s barely any romance in it at all. Yiu get more romance more to ending of the story.

Exactly, if I’m reading a story marked as romance it would be great to see romance throughout, or even the slow burn kind of love. Not disrespect that only morphs after something completely horrible happens towards the end of the book.

I write a fantasy-romance between a pair of badass demon hunters. Does that count? XD

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yes it does, I’ll have to check it out!

I would be thrilled if you did. Technically one of them hunts cryptids, but she does a fair amount of fighting other creatures too, like vampires who have made pacts with demons. She’s a D&D character, you see XD

I’ve always been curious to play D&D but have never found people to play it with and don’t know the rules so yeah

If you ever get the chance to play it I would absolutely recommend doing so. I got lucky in that the people I play with are all very story and character focused, so I can actually then write about what happens after each session. And I am also lucky in that my DM (who is also my boyfriend) really likes shipping characters, so this has resulted in canon romances between characters.