Random thread where you can talk about everything 😁

The title says it :grin: How is everyone doing?

could be better, but let’s get to the point

why are mermaids always so pretty in fiction? Like, have anyone seen most of animals that live in the ocean? They can be freaky.

It is such a good horror material and yet there aren’t many of them while werewolves and vampires are nearly everywhere :frowning:


Hopefully you soon will be better! And a good question I’ve seen movies or series (can’t remember which one) where mermaids were actually a bit creepy. :speak_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

I vividly remember this one moment from pirates of caribbean when the sirens are shot from below and their tails are weirdly long and they are circling this small boat, everything in dark colors

and then they went and made one fall in love and stuff, i’m still bitter because of it

That’s creepy.

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but it’s the only thing i remember from that movie though

sorry i started ranting about this, but I saw the trailer for this Kristen Stewart film, Underwater, and i just remembered it

what is your favourite movie?

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There are soooo many movies that I like. So many different genres. I recently saw the movie the Terminal with Tom Hanks and that was a lovely movie. I really can’t choose, though.


oh i’ve heard about this! i’ll remember to watch it next time

I also have a lot of movies I like, but my all time favourite will porbably always be Park Chan Wook’s The Handmaiden, it’s just delightful and also creepy at some times, but the acting and cinematography is just top-notch

I wanted to recommend Midsommar, but i porbably should leave those creepy ones alone for now

What we do in the shadows is one of the best comedies if someone asks me, the director behind Thor Ragnarok is also behind this gem

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Hello, hello. How is everyone?

I’m considering starting a Twitter account to keep in touch with a friend, but I’m afraid I’ll get addicted to it. Decisions, decisions…

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Oooh horror movies :speak_no_evil: . The only genre I can’t watch. I love happy endings and it’s just too scary for me :sweat_smile:

Hi! I’m good and you?

I started a Twitter account a while back, but it wasn’t something for me. I didn’t know what to post :sweat_smile:

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Tired, but doing well! Is it the start of a new day for you? It’s almost 9 p.m. here lol.

I have a similar thought. Like, what else can we do on there? :joy:

Anyway, what’s up?

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Exactly! For me half past one in the afternoon. Currently at my internship

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Ooh, great! How’s it going so far?

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Good! There’s just three weeks left and then it’s back to school for me

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What are you studying?

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I’m studying Marketing and Communication


Sounds cool! I wish I had the brains for such things. :joy: So, what else do you do for fun besides reading and/or writing?

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Have some more faith in yourself! If you do not feel like you have the brains for that than you do have them for something else for sure

I love movies and music. In my free time I do some powerlifting and just hang out with friends. What about you? And I agree with @lilithania :blush:

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