RANKING in GENRE tags needs fixing

I have a fantasy that gets pretty much as many reads as the other, older book, but it does NOT rank in FANTASY at all, not in 700’s, not in 100’s… while the older book sits in 40’s and 50’s.

I also did NOT see any of my newer books rank in the MAJOR GENRE tags.

Is that MATURE status or does Wattpad no longer rank books published after 2019?

Or something?

Please, fix the ranks! Tags! Visibility! Please! Give the writers something! We need your love, even a little bit, Wattpad.

I’m actually curious about this, too. I read some articles on how the rankings work, but somehow my story went from #23 to #69 in a tag despite doubling its views, comments, and votes.


I’m somehow experiencing the same thing. I had tags, but now I don’t. All my news stories that have been updated daily don’t have tags, but the one book that I wrote about 2 weeks ago has tags. I really think it’s the mature status that’s messing it up.


Nope. Today two of my good friends both ranked SUPER high in Romance and both of their books are complete. One about a month ago and one a couple years ago.

Meanwhile, I finished my book this week and got a surge of reads and comments and votes and my tags… TANKED.

At this point, I’m just sure this site hates me.

So many people get lucky all the damn time and not once in five years have I ever, ever had a stroke of good luck on this site. Makes me wonder why I even put up with the hours of time I spend on it, supporting it and its community.


That’s what happened with me! I got a surge, and my rankings went down SO much.
It makes me wonder what else goes into the rankings?


Yeah, it has been one of my biggest frustrations on WP too. I’ve seen books in Fantasy that rank in the top ten while they only have six or so chapters and haven’t been updated in years… How is that even possible? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, I never ever ranked in Romance, so I don’t even hope… I think you need to be like over 500 reads a day for that I just want to get my fantasy #735 or something.


People must be just loving them!

I created another thread asking HQ to give us an answer.

Last August was the last time we had any answers from them on the rankings and they said they’d be working on a fix and we’re coming up on a year later soon.

They make no sense and truly, honestly, from the bottom of my heart make me want to quit the site.

Its just a game of luck, not reads, not votes, not talent, not anything.


Well, talent gets you a Watty, so there is that.

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Oh I got 10k reads in 12 hours when I finished my WIP this week so NOPE lol Reads has nothing to do with it.

I’ve ranked in romance but nothing under 600 which is fucking pointless.

The system makes NO SENSE and I hate that they refuse to give us an update on something that makes people want to give up on the site as a whole.


Sure, but winning a watty is not the talking point here lol


From what I’ve seen, the book doesn’t get that much reads or votes… The system is just broken, I guess. You have to be somewhat lucky to get a higher place within the ranks.


You are absolutely right. I’ve been in this site for five years on and off. Off mostly because I got frustrated how despite putting so much effort and time my book went nowhere while some stagnant ones ranked and are still ranking high in the hot-list.


Well, you are playing in an entirely different league than I am. Lol, for me the ranking would be the way to achieve a 10th percentile of your success :slight_smile: kudos on so many reads! 100 reads a day is all I pray for.


EXACTLY. Thank you!

I feel like a joke every time I think about all the hours I’ve spent on Wattpad over the last five years doing critiques and book clubs and read for reads, working for every single freaking read and follower I have when I look at people who have been here a year, get lucky in a romance tag and sky rocket to where I am now.

This site doesn’t repay hard work. Its just a system of luck and I’m over it. I’m so so over it.

I want to cry thinking about how much time I’ve wasted on this site that has never liked me back.

Its just so pointless.


Right. I have about four books on my profile that nobody reads except my book club members, because it has never been brought in front of the readers :unamused:


The thing that might make me angrier than the tags that play a game of luck is the fact that we can talk and rant and vent in here and beg for someone’s help and response…

And we will be ignored.

I’ve posted twice on the thread back from August asking for an update and its been ignored.

I don’t think they realize how upsetting and discouraging the broken tags are to writers on this site. That or they just don’t care because its not something that brings them money.

I hate that I used to think the world of Wattpad and I just can’t anymore. :pensive:


I think that is how it is. We don’t have a way to ask someone about it. It’s just sad.


We do. HQ has accounts on the forums. They used to respond to us and interact with us. There are HQ members that can be tagged I’m sure. I just dont’ know which one aside from Vivian who has been MIA since August.