Ranking system/genre organization

A couple years ago, Wattpad decided to change their ranking system by letting stories rank in their hashtags. While I see the appeal behind this because I believe The old ranking system wasn’t very fair because of how long you could rank, I believe it couldnt stayed the same and been tweaked!

Here are some simple ways they could’ve improved it (as stated by @saintc)

  • Only ongoing books can rank in popular in their genre
  • Completed books can rank in trending in their genre
  • Only newly updated books show up in fresh
  • Premium section only for paid stories
  • Stories can’t rank high for extreme periods of time

I don’t know how to reach out to them and I doubt this is on their list to fix things, so let’s have a discussion here! What do you guys think? How do you feel about it? What else would you like to see get fixed?

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This has been stated as on their list of things to fix. It’s just very far down on the list due to the amount of work it takes to fix.


The system doesn’t work because people tag their books with stupid things like #toothpaste. Who’s going to search for a book about toothpaste? They should tag their books with things that readers would search for, like #mafia or #angst or #humour or #poc.

What’s needed is a tag blocker to block all the stupid stuff so only those books that are tagged properly come up in the search results. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Thats great to hear that its on their list!!


Wattpad is supposed have a tag block feature in the making, last I heard they are still working on it.


very very true! A tag blocker would be great but I do think there needs to be more than a tag blocker. Personally, I think they need to rework the whole system again. But thats easier said than done and I know how much effort and time that takes so my hopes aren’t high. I just wish they had adjusted the old one instead of getting rid of it!


Yup, I’ve heard that too. I sure hope they roll out that feature soon! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


Problem is though, incorrect tagging. I doubt there is a way to monitor if someone tags their book correctly. This feature would also help mature books get more lighting. These books from what I have seen up until now, tends to be avoided due to the depiction of sexual content. Explicit ones as well. This is what many assume, so there are many who do not click on a book simply because it has a ‘mature’ rating. It’s probably just this current time and all, where it is understandable when people want something different, and assume something based on what wattpad is known for, but this also means there may be many books someone will simply pass by as a result of the ‘mature’ rating.

Hell, I honestly don’t blame them, almost any book I open with the ‘mature’ rating has some kind of sexual content, some of them more explicit than other’s :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I suppose a tag to block out books with that content would help to reveal more books overall, but there is also the risk of writers incorrectly tagging their books to get it visible.


Well, what I really mean is blocking tags that we’re not interested in. There may be tons of readers out there who want to read books about toothpaste, but I don’t so I’d block that tag. Other people might block tags that say #mafia or #humour because they just aren’t interested in those. Once we can customize our search results, we’ll be able to find what we want and to block everything we’re not interested in. A win-win for all! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


Yeah, that is the general idea, and the hope a lot of readers have. The problem though is that it is easily exploitable, and there is no good way to monitor if writers will correctly tag their books.


i definitely like this idea ! i kind of like a real niche subject, so it would work for me :heart:


maybe we can have the old system, and then we can add tags but those tags can’t rank ?


Yes, it seems that wattpad tries to put these stories on the back-burner.

So so true! There is no differentiating between the maturity of the stories, there should be levels. My books have sexual content but I dont consider them explicit. So if I marked them as mature, they would be mixed in with all different levels.

Tags being monitored would definitely help the mess inside the genres/categories. But personally, I feel its more than just tags that need monitored. There needs to be different sections to go to. One section where completed stories can rank and one for upcoming stories.


I see what you mean!!! Books would rank in their genre but if you wanted, you could find specific books through what their tagged in to narrow your search.


Hmm…that can work. Tags that are too similar can be grouped into one specific one. I understand that the tag system was meant to give writers more of a chance, but it’s kinda ridiculous what you can use as tags. Perhaps preset tag options, this way it can’t be exploited as easily.



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If they don’t correctly tag their books, they’ll screw themselves. I don’t see how it’s exploitable. If they deliberately tag their books with false items, then the people who are truly looking for whatever their books are actually about won’t find them since they’re tagged wrong, so again they screw themselves. There’s a limit on tags, so if you waste your tags using false ones, then the people who honestly want to read your books won’t find them.


no offense but if you’re ranking in toothbrush :man_facepalming: that’s just pointless