Rankings Bug!

So… I’ve been peeved because I thought I wasn’t ranking but turns out my book is 3rd in crime fam and other things and I just can’t see it. Readers can. Is this a bug and if so can it be fixed if not may I suggest a system that allows us to see our rankings.

The short answer is no, HQ can’t fix it.

They’ve been trying for over a year now, almost two, to fix the ranking system, and have yet to accomplish the feat. Rankings aren’t really something you can pay attention to. :shrug:


It’s a bug that happens on a per user basis. Like I can see the ranks on my stories just fine on both the website and the app (have you checked both?)

Tbh since they’re tagged based rather than genre based I think they give a false sense of validation now (unless you hit the top 1000 in a super-crowded or main genre tag - then, yay, congrats!).

Have you filed a ticket?

No can you tell me how?

On the (iOS) app: go to your profile, click the gear > Help and Support > File a Ticket.

Web is a bit more complicated so I’m pasting this from How To Submit an Issue to WP:

Support homepage: https://support.wattpad.com/

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Thank you (I have a galaxy can I do this on a computer?)

I believe there’s instructions for the android app on the support site, but you can definitely do it on a PC :slight_smile: Just follow the web instructions.

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