Rant: I'm so sick of all the a-hole men on Wattpad!

I am so sick of the asshole men on wattpad!

Are wattpad writers not capable of writing male love interests who aren’t complete assholes?

I find a story that has an intriguing description and plot premise. The main character seems interesting, or at the very least, is likable. And the story seems really promising…

…but THEN cue in the main love interest guy who is as hot as Hades and who is a complete jerk who belittles, mocks and acts like a douchebag to the main heroine. And the way the story is set up, you know that although she might hate him now, she will end up falling head over heels for him later.

I know that all characters need to have flaws…but if your character acts like an ass or does something so wrong that it’s irredeemable then I’m not going to like your character. I’m not going to root for them. And I will hate every second of the main heroine’s relationship with him.

exhale Okay, I feel better. I’m sorry if you have characters like this in your story, but I’m just so sick of seeing this trope played over and over and over again. I’d really like there for once to be a story on Wattpad where they have a male love interest who is a lovable average guy. Maybe he isn’t Prince Charming and he isn’t Captain America, but he’s a guy with flaws who has a good heart. Not a jerk who the main character loves deeply even though he never did anything to earn her affections with the way he treats her.

Okay, rant over.

I get what you mean. The story suggestions on my Wattpad homepage are full of stories with a male love interest like this. It would be nice to see something different once in a while, like a guy who is actually sweet and cares about the main character.


I agree a hundred percent.


You mean male characters. I avoid reading that sort of rubbish.

I have run into a few seriously obnoxious guys on the Forums. But they’re outnumbered by the nasty females.


I mean what I mean.

And every website has rude people. At least with rude people I can block them but with wattpad, I’m recommended stories like this and there’s no escape from it. And some stories don’t even let on in the story description that there is an asshole main love interst so I won’t really know until I read it lol. Then I click off.


Some people have a type.

I find people who lead Vanilla lives love douche bags it gives them a sense of danger without real danger.

For she is weak!

Do they tho? Think about it who are the “Flaws” for?

As you shouldn’t. But god are they fun to write like I purposely write morally grey characters just to see readers reaction. I like to make them hard to like but I agree im a jerk but ill grow on you is dumb and unrealistic.

I love your passion

But then where’s the story? He is typically a brother or a friend

Ah but those guys have that too



I thought at first you were talking about the authors. (I know some nice guys on here, but there are a few jerks, too, btw)


If you read fanfic, I actually wrote a few who are decent.


I do have characters like this in my stories and was lowkey offended reading this but turns out the characters I create who are a-holes always get their karma. The thing I realise is that there are wattpad readers as young as 13 on here, what message are we sending to impressionable guys/girls by demonstrating that it’s okay for a guy/girl to treat you like s**t but in the end it’ll all turn out okay and they’ll love you?

We’re doing the younger members of our community a disservice by even thinking it’s okay to send that message. Even if a story featuring characters like this is intended for the mature readers, it’s still accessible to everybody.


Hey there. Have you attempted to come to the community and ask for that type of book? I see special requests all the time of this or that. But in reference to that “There’s no getting away from it” from the recommendations in your feed, I would think that if you read through that type of story just once, the algorithms on Wattpad start bringing up other stories just like it because that was in your past history.

As far as male characters like that you requested…Hmmm. I’m racking my brain looking at my past reads. Most of my stories have “super women” stories in there. They might be an average girl, might have super powers. But she’s a hero to somebody, even if it may only be herself. Speaking of which, have you read the zombie apocalypse story “Eve”? Had an average guy on there, but he turned out to be a sweetheart. Bittersweet ending. “A Different Virus: Heartfire,” also a zombie apocalypse story, was a bit happier. I don’t know that I would call her eventual love interest average though, as he was a baddass soldier type of guy. But then again, so was Laura. She was awesome! Had a good head on her shoulders too, even though she was blind to his hinted affections even as the reader says “Awww!” Very slow relationship based on friendship before it gets anywhere. “Sins of the Sea” was also a good story. She seems so frail at first, but the young man she becomes friends with reveals a very vulnerable side with her. It’s a tale based on mythology of the Far East, even though it is more or less a present day story.


Being so new to this platform, I can’t say I’ve seen this much. The thought is disconcerting, for sure, and I understand your frustration with these types of characters. I’ve seen this trope in other forms of media and it gets tiresome real fast.

I can honestly say that my male MCs are nothing like this. Quite the opposite really.

Hopefully I don’t come across any stories here like the ones you’ve described :(. Or that characters like that aren’t given a free pass. It’s one thing if those types of people are treated like they have every right to be terrible. It’s another if they get their just desserts.

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I hear you! It does make one wonder just what’s behind this epidemic of douchbaggery. The WHY of it. I’m sure there are lots of reasons, including, maybe the writers writing these guys have some experience of them? My story is paranormal YA, but when it came time for the boy from the MC’s past to resurface, I made him nice AND hot because they are not mutually exclusive in the real world.

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I seriously thought you were referring to the male Wattpad Users in all honesty. Damn.


I thought this was going to be about the men who come to Wattpad in order to use it as a dating site.


Well, this thread just screwed with my mind. LOL!


This is definitely a popular character type on wattpad, but I rarely encounter it because I don’t read / write stories that feature this kind of character in the first place. (I’m picky af). There are plenty of stories here that don’t feature this dominant asshat x weak female dynamic. Sounds like you’re looking in the wrong places / browsing through the most popular romances.

I enjoy male characters / bad boys who have a lot of character development / growth. I don’t care if they start off as assholes, so long as the female character considers them as such. I love enemies to lovers, so as long as the male character sheds his assholery before any real romance happens. I’m a-okay with that.

So…I wouldn’t put all “wattpad writers” in one basket. Tbh, your post is pretty aggressive, and I don’t think you’ll foster very healthy discussions in this thread.


I agree, not all stories are like this. As someone previously said make a thread in the #share-your-story:story-requests section of the forums and ask for the type of stories you want.

I personally don’t like reading this type of character either, but there are lots of stories that don’t feature male characters like this. You just need to find them.


Ahhhh; the WattPad cliche’s are still strong I see. I agree though - there are stories out there that break the mould. It can just be hard to find them sometimes.

I’ve found that the recommendation algorithms are so busted that once it thinks you like a certain type of story, it will recommend you almost exclusively that kind of story for the rest of time. It genuinely believes that my main interests in reading are “anime books” that are generic fantasy with a cover stolen from Pixiv, or fan fiction about Undertale or whatever, all because I must have clicked on the wrong combination of stories at some point.

My recommendations have gotten a LITTLE bit better over the past year thanks in large part to doing a large number of read-for-reads for three different books of mine, but it’s still the same stuff for the most part. It makes me think that Wattpad is just made up of 14 year olds writing about video games they like, rather than writing about bad boys abusing their partners. Therefore, I wonder if you have fallen into the same trap and that is why you keep seeing these stories?


and here i was recently worrying about writing too many nice guys into my stories :joy:
i don’t do a lot of reading on wattpad and when i do, i choose my stories carefully (hardly ever, if at all, from the recommendations section) so i can’t say i’ve seen a lot of that kind of stuff you’re mentioning - but i 100% agree. and tbh it applies to both genders. irredeemable assholes of any kind are not romance material, period.

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