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So, basically, I wanted to create a topic safe for everyone to rant about anything on their minds. Naturally, I’m too scared to join in on other topics, so I’ve created this one as a safe environment for anyone to join, no matter how late or early :relaxed:

Here’s my rant, sorry for the length in advance:

I’ve been on Wattpad for 5 (?) years now and only late last year did I discover the forums. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I’ve always been too scared to comment on other topics. Especially when there are several replies. I feel like an intruder, which has made me feel as if I don’t belong here in the Wattpad community. It’s frustrating. Naturally, I’m a talker. I love to socialise. I love meeting new people. But here, online, I feel like someone else entirely. It’s hard for me to fit in. I’ve strayed so far away from several topics dedicated to making friends, simply chatting or ones similar to this one - it’s intimidating. :sweat_smile: I just wanna talk until my fingers fall off!!

Another thing that’s recently been bothering me are stories. I’ve four published books - all uncompleted - with two of those recent ones being my absolute favourites. Something that bothers me is the lack of reads. I know this sounds conceited but, personally, for me, a large percentage of my motivation to write is the support from other readers on this platform. I’ve tried everything to boost my views but they still only have little reads…

I used to be a fanfiction account (:face_vomiting:). I have nothing wrong with fanfic accounts (as some of the best writers on this platform are in that community) however remembering back to the work that I produced and how I acted makes me shudder. Nonetheless, the works I published produced thousands upon thousands of reads. There were votes and comments filing in. But, as I aged, I decided that fanfiction wasn’t my niche and I made the switch to being a mystery/thriller account. From then (which was maybe 2 years ago), I noticed that the activity on my account fell dead. Even with published works, nothing was coming through. My newest (and most proudest) works have only been recently uploaded within the last month or so but I feel as if you have to give some sort of significant contribution to the platform/community to receive a decent chunk of support/reads/comments/votes.

Please don’t mistake this as me being rude or attacking someone indirectly :sweat_smile:. I know it takes a lot of time and blood, sweat and tears to get where some people are but there are times where I really feel as if my writing journey already hit its highest peak and that I won’t grow anymore.

Anyways, what’s been bothering you lately? Don’t be afraid to share - this a safe environment. No judgement!

TL;DR I feel like I don’t belong and that my writing journey has hit a full stop.

Hey, I totally understand your feeling. I’m new here and I’m just scared that people think that I want to interrupt in there chat

hi there :wink:

Hey, how are you

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you shouldnt be scared to comment or talk .just make sure you are respectful and nice:)


how’s it going :slight_smile:

very true ^^

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heya :)whats up :slight_smile:

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Trying to have a break at work with the forum LOL, have to start in a bit again though :frowning:

Good luck

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Maybe here lies at least a little bit of the problem. All stories are uncompleted. Readers usually prefer finished stories, or at least they like to see that the authors are able to proof that they won’t leave them unfinished.

Of course, I’m not setting the best example either. I just recently finally finished my first story after three years. :sweat_smile: The rest is still ongoing.

I also started with fanfic and then went on to write original works and I definitely feel your pain when it comes to trying to find readers who are willing to follow along. Fanfic readers are usually loyal to their beloved characters and not to the writers behind them. You basically have to build up a completely new readership, especially if the type of stories you write are now vastly different from the fanfic ones.

Just allow yourself more time and try to make friends with writers/readers from the new genres you write and you’ll see that the readers will eventually come. :smile_cat:

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Ahh, it’s been good! I didn’t expect so many replies in such a short amount of time. Just making the most of self-isolation hahaha.

How have you all been?

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you need to promote your … we have a share a story page here … or post your books on story request … my WP account was created years ago but i never seriously use it until this year … i have 0 reads and 0 followers when i posted my first chapter 2 months ago…its doing rather well. It’s challenging to promote my book too because its on the opposite end of what is considered Popular and trending on Wattpad YA romance

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not bad … how are ya ?

Promotion is key :slight_smile: I agree with that, being out there and active helps the most!

Hahaha, that’s something I’ve realised. I tried writing the entire book first before publishing but found it was near impossible :laughing:. Completing a book takes so long and I’m always too antsy and excited to make it available for reading.

It’s like a whole other world! Patience is key.


People love to binge and complete stories, that is true, building a reader base is hard work :frowning:

I’ve promoted my stories on the SYS forums heaps. But I’m glad yours is doing really well!!

And I’m doing quite alright. School’s kicking ass as usual hahaha


It really is! It’s definitely harder than it seems. Some genres tend to lack while others thrive… I’ve noticed romance does really well.

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@Scribbling_Myrtle Yours is doing great!!!

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