Haha, on Wattpad I’m way less anxious because I know how I can be. I get very easily distracted :joy:

Ooohhh! What camera?


yay tnx


I’m more anxious on Wattpad cause like I actually don’t know

It’s the Canon EOs Rebel t6. My dad wants me to learn how to use it for Christmas, but I can’t figure out how’ve to put on the neck strap so this might take a sec :joy:


It comes with a novel on how to use :joy:


For me it depends. If it’s PMs I can get anxious but it depends on the person :joy:

Ooohhh, you should check out Youtube and generally just google for tutorials!


Yeah, it does depend on the person too. You’re easier to talk to than most cause I’ve known you for a while and you’re really nice😄

Oof, that’s a good idea. To goggle we go! Thanks!


Aw :heart: :heart: :heart: I also get super awkward with compliments But yeah, we’ve known each other for a while now. Half a year, give or take?

Google is your friend! Always!


honestly, same yaaaa

Yes, google is the anxiety free friend. Until you end up on that side of the internet *shudders*


Comforting to know I’m not alone :heart:

Oh no, not that side… But honestly, Google is amazing. The other day I was googling gay marriage in East Anglia during the 1500’s. (It was made punishable by death for one man to engage with another in 1533 by the order of King Henry VIIII - Wooh, Historical gay Fantasy is so much fun!)

But imagine a world without google. It would’ve taken me days if not weeks to find that kind of information!


Somehow…somewhere…I ended up losing my house keys at work tonight. So I have to go and make a few new sets, buy a new key ring before I go to work tonight.

For tonight…they had me manning the Electronics Department all by myself and I was pretty wiped out from all the action and the people (It was Black Friday at my Wal-Mart store last night) because you know how introverts can’t handle crowds of people all at once.

The funny thing about tonight is that my first overnight manager (Linda) decided to pull me away to go train on the registers in the back room (computer simulated ones) and for the next hour I struggled to make sense of what was being explained to me.

Then it was midnight and we went on break and after break, Garret comes in (he’s my second overnight manager and pretty cool–having a ton of Egyptian styled tats on his arms) and says, "I want everyone in grocery tonight doing HVTD and I thought, “Okay, no problem.”

So off I go to do grocery. A lot of stuff is overstock (we had more cans of cocoa than we had shelf space for), and I’m doing the Pineapple Run in my aisle when I hear: “Will Floor Associate Sky please come to Electronics?” (Repeats over for good measure while I’m en route of course).

So I get there, and it’s two guys and a girl manning the registers, and one of the guys looks at me and says: “So you’ll be the one manning the department tonight while we’re gone?”

I had this look of panic, people–on my face. I said, “I’m not even trained on registers yet! Hadn’t completed my training course yet!”

Everyone there just about looked stunned and horrified.

One of the associates asked me if I had keys. (To the locked display sections.) I said no. I didn’t.

Now, things were really going to get crazy. I had seven minutes to familiarize myself with the cash register (touch screen models) and its functions before 2AM.

I also had to figure out my code ID and password from the paper and have that memorized. So while one associate was taking care of a skewed sales order, my female associate still asked me questions about how I was going to do this on my own with virtually no training. (I didn’t even get the chance to take the test at the end of the course. I was still in the middle of it all when 12AM rolled around for first break.)

I didn’t know. I had butterflies in my stomach. Samantha comes over and shows me a few things about the terminal, writes down some code action numbers in case there is a problem (I had no idea how to answer the phone if it rang) and I went on my half hour lunch.

So it’s 2:09-ish by the time I get back and I’m running through all the doomsday scenarios that might (and probably will happen) if I’m manning the counter with no back up and no one to tell me if I’m doing anything right.

(This is why I chose overnights rather than day shifts.)

So I had to figure things out for myself. Fortunately, I had some understanding customers who were eager to help me through the checkout process so that I could see how things worked. Because the one thing about being a cashier is that you are not allowed any mistakes. You screw up, the consequences would be ugly.

So tonight:

  • I learned the function of the Void key

  • I learned the function of the Item Inquiry key

  • It took me a full minute to figure out how to process a debit transaction using the bank chip

  • I spent a reasonable 7 hours and change learning the ropes on my own.

By the time I was finished my shift (after losing my house keys), I felt I could take on the role of a cashier by myself.

So I was happy.


Sorry for disappering again. Had to do a bunch of crap cause life, ew. XD

Ikrr, I can’t imagine having to search through a library for that. It sounds so ridicoulisly overwhelming. And that detail especially would be difficult since stuff like that isn’t written often. Too much cencory back in the ol’ days, even now still


Hah, no bother. I’m about to go to bed, so I’ll disappear in a minute :sparkles:

Yeah exactly! Seriously, google is the best!


Okie, good night!

Goggle is the best (goggle is so much more fun to say than google. you should try it)


It’s absurd when pro-gun control actors are criticized for taking roles where their characters use firearms.


Almost done. I’m close to relieved. Just a few more citations >.< Actually, tomorrow, i’ll still be working on citations, i think. I trust E with the recs. We can do this. Try to be positive. You’re reading a good book rn. That should be motivation to finish your work. Can’t wait for December 7 tho. Whoo~

i feel really cold though.


Reading an article about people these days and this line earns a chuckle, “Kid throwing tantrums and no one can ‘fix’ him? Throw a tantrum.” but it also heightens concern from me u~u


at least i’m still alive~


I’m an idiot. Of course they’d notice that something’s wrong. ;-; I understand their concern but… sigh. ;^; and I just ended up being avoidant about it. Thank goodness J was like,“Look at this cute pupper uwu” But Y said she’ll tell Z o~o i don’t know if she’s serious or not. I’m really worried that this might reach Ash though. I don’t want her to worry about me. We’ve already talked about it back in eighth grade and I did improve since then but when I get depressed, I just lose my appetite and just snack on sweets when i get home cause that’s the only taste my tongue can tolerate. Oh, Demi, how’d you get over this ;-; it was so sweet of them tho.
N:“Ice cream is good! I eat ice cream when I cry. I’ll get you some ice cream cx”
Y: But she’s not crying yet."
Me: Dude, I’m trying my best not to xD"


acne needs to go die & stay dead.

my acne is flaring up & i don’t know why e.e ._.


acne go awayyyyyy & never come again!