rants :)



Think of it as a bit of exercise you did. Now you’re done for the rest of the day.


Naw all good now :slight_smile: Oooh yay, chocolate!


Oof, exercise. Ew


Yeah you’re right. Unfortunately my family is so sportive so there’s no running away from exercise for me. :pensive:


My dad is getting me a gym membership tp Planet Fitness.


Don’t eat it all. You still need to sleep


Poor you.


Oh! :open_mouth:

You’re still here? I thought you accidentally dozed off :sweat_smile: :joy:


Yes.breaks in half and gives one to you



Good Kate :slight_smile:




pats head


What do you think about abortion? Yes or no? Why?


Well I think it depends on the parents and the circumstances they are in. Of course I don’t want an innocent child to be killed, so I would suggest adoption. But if there are no others choices and the parents are either too young, or not suitable. Or if the environment is not good or if they are not financially able to look after their child. I don’t exactly approve, but it is their choice


Yeah I think that makes a lot of sense.


yeah. What are your thoughts?


I also think it depends on the situation and the parents, but if it’s killed before it’s even born I honestly don’t think it is so bad(it’s still sad). But it may be better than for the child to grow up in bad conditions, or with the unsuitable parents (which may not be the case). And even if there is adoption, adoption is good but there are risks that the child doesn’t end up being treated well. So I guess I’m leaning more towards approving it but it should be used for good and necessary reasons.


Yeah true, many children are in foster care and aren’t treated very well.


Also hullo @WellyBoots I saw you :eyes:


Wait. Why are we talking about abortion and foster kids?