rants :)



Well @dontstealmykitkats brought up the topic and here we are :woman_shrugging:


I got bored :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, that’s a good reason


We all get bored :slight_smile:


Very true, what happens in school most of the time.


Hiya lol.
I came in to see what people were ranting about and stayed. Did not read much though. Did not look rantie lol.


I’ll rant with you if you want. I’ve got nothing better to do.


I just wanted to read them to give my life more meaning…lmao
Not really, but I would have read them out of being at a loose end


Ok then :joy:




for somereasonifindithardtofindmyselfwheni’mrightthere


I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through.

If there is anyone who shouldn’t nag you, put you down, or claim that you will never find a good husband, not getting a job, and not actually living a proper life… it’s your own mother.

In my case, my mother constantly tells me that she regrets giving birth to me, that I am a disgrace and a failure, and she wants to disown me.

Oh, wait. My father, too.

Hmm… 23 years too late, guys. There’s this thing called “contraception,” you know.


Well, rant over. For now.




Hehe what also hello!


Naw no no, don’t let them bring you down. Others will appreciate you! :hugs:


Reminds me of a web comic i read called true beauty




well recently i was on the verge of getting suspended because…

Apparently the kid I “beat up” was related to our principle


but I NEVER HIT HIM, AT LEAST INTENTIONALLY. During gym we were doing basketball and I jumped of his back to grab the ball and then here i am


Wow. That’s just wrong