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It is so sad that people who are peacefully at prayer can be targeted and killed in such a cruel way.
I hope that the rest of New Zealand stays safe and this kind of thing stops.
We are all on this planet together, why do some find it so hard to live side by side?
I will never understand


Yeah it is. It’s cruel and people who do that are disgusting.


What is the point eh? What a waste. Do they think of the effect their actions will have on their own families too?

It goes against everything that is meant to make us civilized


Completely agree, innocent lives are taken and their families and friend will be in grief and despair. Why are people still doing this, where is our humanity?


I honestly feel like we are closely approaching the end of days. I hope that I’m wrong but we can’t continue like this for much longer.


I hope that you’re wrong too…


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