rants :)



Oh right, I didn’t read that properly :sweat_smile:. Too excited :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




And now its just sitting there :eyes:


Gah! You live near the country then, yes?


Kate. You know where I live. I told you


Well yes but…gah don’t worry then :sweat_smile:


Literally on the other side of the mountains from you :rofl:


Now, should I make a hot chocolate using smartie chocolate???


If you have nothing better than go for it. It’s still chocolate, right?


There goes my plan for today spamming drawings at the multimedia thread :disappointed_relieved:

I’m glad this thread exists LOL pls bear with me.
Yet, I will continue my rant

This is just like inhibiting new writers who want to share and promote, there’s literally nothing to do here unless chatting like this. I meant limited posting and link count it’s still believable, but no images? No links?

I only tried to post one link. Wattpad, are you Ganondorf?:sweat:


Yup. :slight_smile:


I think it’s until you get up to the next trust level. Its pretty easy to do. Either that or its after you’ve been on the site for one day. After that you can do all those things as much as you want :slight_smile:


You can’t post links to your story, though, unless its in a specific thread. You can tell people about it and suggest it and they can find it on your account


So probably not interesting to anyone but, I’m still gonna rant.
I have this horrible German teacher and he gives us this book to read over the holidays by ourselves. All he does is give us random photocopies of worksheets, leaves the classroom most of the time and doesn’t even bother clarifying the book to us in detail. Then he starts talking about media and newspapers (which does have to do with the book) and gives us a presentation and a writing grade on newspapers. That links to the book and now we already have all the grades we need, but no right after the presentation he’s like, “Well you know we have to write a test on that book, soon.” What are we even supposed to have a test on because I’m pretty sure no one in the class understood the topics and themes and all that in the book. Sorry I’m done.


Hullo there!


steals your kitkats


Its so annoying when teachers do that


Yeah it does that when you first join, it happened to me too but there’s nothing we can do bout it


Don’t you dare touch my kit Kats slaps your hand away


especially right after you finished something else, you would think that they would have some mercy, but no


Its even worse when you have a test two days after learning the content. That doesn’t even count as learning