rants :)



Aw what. I hate bad teachers, most of the time they make me hate the subject. It’s like my old French teacher for example, she was an oldish lady who didn’t know how to teach basically. She couldn’t control the class and she always gives us surprise homework that she apparently sets. Which is why I really dislike French now and I’m also quite bad ahh


Oii don’t you slap my hand away. I only wanted a kit Kat! :slight_smile:

tries to steal again


Exactly. or once this teacher told us after the test that the book we were studying in wasn’t completely correct and that we have to just listen to what he says. Then why give us the book???


My modern history teacher, when I still took the class, was so slow and boring that I actually fell asleep in class


Right?! It’s crazy stupid


I don’t know what it is with French teachers and teaching horribly or being annoying. My French teacher last year disappeared for like a whole semester.


Woah yeah I relate. In one of my classes, we actually don’t do anything. So now I’m just doing other subjects homework in that class


I went to France and didn’t need french :woman_shrugging:


That’s so annoying. And all the subs I get are really and and they don’t actually know French


thinks about sharing it Nope don’t steal them :slightly_smiling_face:


Aw what no. Sharing is caring
makes cute puppy dog eyes


No stop, eyes are my weakness (that sounds strange, but really I have a thing for eyes, especially blue ones, god sounds stranger and creepier oh well)

breaks a piece of the kitkat and reluctantly hands it over


Naw that’s cute. I personally prefer green or grey eyes but blue it nice as well.

SQUEALS oh my god, yay! Thank you! runs over to hug you


Another thing I don’t get about teachers. do they forgot that they were once students once as well?? Why do they put as through this hell, shouldn’t they a bit more empathetic? Or maybe teaching is just some sort of revenge to them for their past teachers?


Hm… that is actually a good question. Some of my teachers don’t really care at all and they basically let us to what we want. But others are super devoted and always has a plan.


Those are nice as well. I’m so lucky my best friend has blue eyes so I have unlimited access to just stare at them all the time without being too strange :slightly_smiling_face:.

No problem! declines the hug with an apologetic face, really don’t feel comfortable hugging others



Okay then :slight_smile: No problem. I shall just find my cat to hug! Yay, wait actually that is a bad idea. He’ll probably get me a strange look and try to bit me…


gives you a kitten teddy


Yay thank you :slight_smile: purrs


You have a cat, lucky you! I always wanted a cat or dog.

silently cries in the corner