Rate Each Other's Story Premises


Test to see if your story’s premise is intriguing enough to keep readers reading your story.

I’ll start:

A scatterbrained girl becomes the ruler of the most powerful kingdom in the world. Her ditzy actions unintentionally lead the world to ruin.


a young man is the familiar partner to a beautiful witch and together they fight creatures of negativity known as the toxic to prevent them from inhabiting humans and becoming the poisoned as well as helping balancing out the other mystical forces which inhabit the various dimensions


8/10 I liked it, but fantasy isn’t really my thing.

The grim reaper becomes a midwife.


9/10. You’ve got me confused, yet highly intrigued by your short premise.

Tech nerd likes boy. Boy wants to ask him for a favor. Favor leads to a discovery that could make or break their future. Also, tech nerd’s crush happens to be the mayor’s only living child.


7/10. Up till the last sentence it just sounded a bit generic. Maybe give a little more detail to make the twist of him being the mayor’s only son even more shocking than it already is.

A girl’s high school is placed under lock down due to suspicious activity reported nearby. However, the students quickly realize that the lock down was initiated not to keep the danger out, but to keep them from escaping. The only way to escape is to impress the audience reading their “story” online on a popular website.


9/10. Feels like a story I’ve heard before, but one of my favorite tropes nonetheless.

A girl gets sucked into a death game with the players being everyone and anyone she has ever crossed paths with in life. The rules: last person standing wins.


7/10. Sounds interesting and a little bit generic, but I personally wouldn’t be interested (sorry).

A fairytale retelling about a girl with a cloak of feathers and moonlight that allows her to transform into a swan, and a lonely boy who desperately wants to escape his life. The girl would do anything to give up her gift, and the boy would would do anything to have it. When their paths cross, the girl decides to help him become a swan, but its not so easy to get rid of the magic flowing through her veins, and it’ll take more than a cloak to change him.