Rate the Character ¦ Character development

This is basically a game where you rate the person’s character above you on whether they are cliche or not!

Fill out the following questions, and then the person above will use this information to rate whether your character is cliche or original! As it is a game to help, feel free to leave any sort of feedback! I’ll start, and just use the same questions :slight_smile:

  1. Character’s Name? Erin Brown
  2. Nicknames? Does get called Einstein by their boyfriend once or twice
  3. Their gender? Male
  4. Age? 17
  5. What do they look like? His is small in height and rather underweight. He has short dirty blonde hair with brown eyes, and always has glasses on
  6. Where do they live? Ireland
  7. How do they dress? Has an emo sense of style with these nerdy glasses. His outfit colour usually is dark colours, and his shirts are often either black or band merch. He always wears black jeans, whether they be ripped or not
  8. Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? No, and yes.
  9. What major experiences have they had? After never having any friends, EVER, he finally makes a friend, Casey, which proves to be an important step for him. He also ends up in a relationship, which is a big experience for him considering his hatred for love
    10)Any traumatic experiences? He was abused by his father as a child
  10. Bad or good childhood? Bad
    12)Obsessions/Hobbies: He loves to read and enjoys listening to any sort music
    13)Any pets? no
  11. In love? yes
    15)Medical conditions/ mental health? He has serious anxiety and repressed memories
  12. Additional information: He comes of emo, but is a mix of both that and nerd

There’s a lot of questions (but note these are good for developing a character, and there are more that help too!) Have fun :slight_smile:

I will give 7/10

As nerd loves black doesn’t believe in love but falls in love,and abuse but doesn’t believe in love doesn’t actually correlate it’s more about trust issues rather than not believing in love if thsi is the pt why he doesn’t believe love,and anxiety and depression are most common problems in Wattpad.

So I won’t say it’s something totally extravalent,it’s cliche but if written well why not?

My turn

  1. Character’s Name? Alaric
  2. Nicknames? Umm…let his gf decide but for now none
  3. Their gender? Male
  4. Age? 22
  5. What do they look like? His is tall,brown skintone with light brown hair and brown eyes.
  6. Where do they live? Boston
  7. How do they dress? Suit pants,jeans tshirt.depends on occasion
  8. Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? Yes,he dresses to impress
  9. What major experiences have they had? After being an asshole and caught cheating on her gf in her birthday party he leaves the town so that he can have new start but when he comes back he doesn’t recognises her ex,as it’s been 7 yrs to that incident and now he wants to get back
    10)Any traumatic experiences? He was left alone by his family members because he was a playboy and cheated on his gf,and when they first discovered that he suffers from epilepsy they left him for good,so this time he came back
  10. Bad or good childhood? Moderate
    12)Obsessions/Hobbies: He is still finding himself as he has lost his ambition and goal
    13)Any pets? no
  11. In love? Kinda
    15)Medical conditions/ mental health? Epilepsy and has trust issues bcoz of his parents
  12. Additional information: He never cheated on her gf, he was just in shock of the mere fact that he realised that day he was falling for her gf,and before that day only he got to knew he suffered from epilepsy and he just didn’t wanted to baggage her,as his parents thought of him
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I will give 8.5/10
It has a pretty dark storyline that one day I’ll love to read and his personality relates to me, your story has a little bit of cliche in it but it’s something I’ll read :smile:

My turn

  1. Character’s name? Charlotte Isa Gilbert
  2. Nicknames? Well… Cupcake by Ace and Ace only, Charly by her friends and siblings, Charlotte by her mother and father
  3. Their Gender? Female
  4. Age? 17
  5. What do they look like? She has an average height(not too tall and not too short), light caramel skin, long brown kinky curls, and bright hazel eyes
  6. Where do they live? Houston
  7. How do they dress? She is casual; wears trousers, leggings, sweatpants, skirts, and long sleeve shirts
  8. Do they dress to impress? No, they do not. Charly is what you call someone who doesn’t care about anything
  9. What major experiences have they had? After being neglected by her father having to keep all the secrets he told her to keep and always kept hidden away from people well except from her two best friends, a huge trauma takes a turn on her
    10)Any traumatic experiences? Been abused by her father since the day she learned how to walk(but nobody knew), being hated by her grandmother from her father’s side(supporting her son), being touched by her father since she was 5 and almost raped by her father at the age of 15
  10. Bad or Good childhood? It’s in between because her mother, brother and baby sister were showing her love even if they didn’t know what their father has been doing to her well till she almost got raped and the bad part is that her father still was there and did such horrible things to her
    12)Obsessions/Hobbies: A huge Shakespeare fan, lover of Beyonce and loves painting
    13)Any pets? none
  11. in love? Never been in love but have seen how it works on every William Shakespeare book she’s read
    15)Medical conditions/ mental health? Bipolar, PTSD and dementia
  12. Additional Information: She hates the word love, yes she reads about it but she hates feeling it, she lost all hope in love cause if her own father couldn’t love her, who would and blames herself for her father leaving her mother, she thinks that if she didn’t stop him from raping her then her family will still be happy

I’m giving her a 9/10. Good that you include mental health issues after someone suffered so much trauma. Also, bonus points to her being a fellow Shakespeare fan!

okie dokie, I’ll do the love interest

  1. Character’s name? Griffin Chang
  2. Nicknames? Finn by his brother and some close friends, Finny and Griffy occasionally by SOs. Also Maestro, his gang name. He always supplied the gang with good music, thus the nickname.
  3. Their Gender? Male
  4. Age? 20
  5. What do they look like? He’s a little taller than average, well-built, and fair-skinned with brown eyes and thick black hair. He’s German on his mom’s side and Korean on his dad’s. His hair is naturally wavey, but he’s cut it in a way where that doesn’t show as much (so people can better tell the difference between him and his twin)
  6. Where do they live? Cincinnati Ohio
  7. How do they dress? He mostly wears solid-colored t-shirts, jackets, loose jeans, and depending on the weather, converse or boots.
  8. Do they dress to impress? Not typically. If he has to dress up for a formal event or interview, he won’t complain, but he’s a college student so his daily wear is whatever’s comfortable and casual.
  9. What major experiences have they had? Growing up, his father passed away and his mother, with barely any funds to raise her two children alone, turned to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Griffin’s brother, meanwhile, struggled with major depression, so Griffin needed a way to make fast money for his brother’s therapy, and potentially college fees. He ended up joining a gang when he was 11, since gangs usually like to have kids conduct drug deals (less suspicious and also less jail time if caught) and he eventually did raise enough money and got enough scholarships to get into a good university (after completing two years of community college). With a better life promised for him, he leaves the gang. But, if you leave the River Street Gang, you break a contract of loyalty. This makes you an enemy.
  10. Any traumatic experiences? He had to stop his brother from committing suicide when they were 13, and once again at 17. Also, he has killed people before. Sometimes memories will resurface and he’ll have panic episodes
  11. Bad or Good childhood? Bad. I explained why earlier.
  12. Obsessions/Hobbies: okay FINALLY the fun parts about him lol. He’s a big fan of older music. He’s constantly got headphones on or is blasting either David Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, Billy Joel, or Dolly Parton while he drives or works on schoolwork. He also has a Nintendo 3DS that he uses to play games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Nintendogs. He likes to keep this hobby a secret, though.
  13. Any pets? Virtually, yes. His brother owns a doberman pinscher, who he lives with, but she’s technically not his. So.
  14. in love? Eventually, yeah.
  15. Medical conditions/ mental health? Some PTSD and a moderate panic disorder, chronic depression. He’s not always gloomy and angsty, guys, these questions are just making me describe him like that lol.
  16. Additional Information: He’s wary about forming strong connections with anybody, especially romantically, because he fears what his ex-gang might do to them if they found him. Because of this, he tends to carry himself in a certain way, causing others to distance themselves. However, secretly, he’s a massive dork and actually has a pretty good sense of humor. He dedicates himself to helping the people he eventually does end up caring about as they (especially the main character) help him conquer his fears and get rid of the tough-guy act he uses to push people away. He’s dedicated and intelligent, compassionate, funny, and has a soft spot for people in need. Having grown up almost independently, his main struggle is learning how to accept help and guidance from others.

Oof… Kinda lengthy. Sorry.


Very strong background and development that makes them a morally gray character with family being a strong motivation that pushed him into doing bad things despite a rather soft personality.

Here my MC from my current story:

  1. Character name? Medora Izumi
  2. Nicknames? Not many, though her and her friends do occasionally get called the Manzanola Menaces by older locals.
  3. Their Gender? Female
  4. Age? In the story at the moment 17 going on 18 in about a week.
  5. What do they look like? 5’3" with a stocky but muscular build. Caucasian on her mother’s side and Japanese on her late father’s side with dark brown eyes and black hair kept short above the shoulder (and often messy due to the fact that she doesn’t brush it often).
  6. Where do they live? Manzanola, Colorado
  7. How do they dress? Depends on the time of year since windchill is absolute hell, but in nicer weather she often wears tank tops and t-shirts with her father’s aviator jackets and shorts and sneakers. There is often an accent of hunter green somewhere since it is her favorite color.
  8. Do they dress to impress? Absolutely not. Medora grew up in a small town and often made money on the side of working the farmer’s market by helping the horse farms. She’s often uncomfortable in dresses and rarely bothers to shave.
  9. What major experiences have they had? The first major event Medora can remember was the day she wandered away from home when she was five and swears to this day that she saw Bigfoot in the cornfields outside of town. The second is the day that her family received the news that her father died overseas while flying a helicopter during his service. It shook her family, but by this time she had made friends with Ilene, Gene, and Richie and they consoled her. She doesn’t blame anyone for his death and has relatively coped well with the loss despite being incredibly close with her father.
  10. Any traumatic experiences? Around when she was 15/16 she drove a fellow student home after his bike was totaled in a stupid accident. He asked her to pull off somewhere so he could pick something up and tried to kiss her. He continued to assault her and managed to put his hand down her pants before Medora snapped and beat him within an inch of his life before Gene puller her off of him. She had never felt attraction to anyone and had only ever been friendly to him, and because of this her trust was betrayed.
  11. Bad or Good childhood? Neither is the best answer I’ve got. She had moments that would be considered bad, but there were good moments in her life too. It’s everything that follows after that makes looking back look like heaven.
  12. Obsessions/Hobbies: Medora is a rampant cryptid hunter. She often peruses forums for paranormal histories, sightings, theories, etc. and drags her friends into it. She’s taken them ghosthunting to various locations (often illegally) and Bigfoot hunting up on Pike’s Peak. Apart from that, she enjoys reading and finds driving her pickup truck often relaxing.
  13. Any pets? None. She’s handled enough farm animals in the area to swear off having one of her own. Although, in the story she kind of gets one, though considering a will o’ wisp a pet might be a stretch.
  14. In love? No, at least she’s not sure about it. She’s asexual, but her romantic orientation is questioning.
  15. Medical conditions/mental health? Pre-story I’m not sure if I’ve pinned anything down. During and post-story though she develops PTSD and also loses her right forearm by the end of the series.
  16. Additional Information: Personality wise, Medora is incredibly stubborn, prideful, and angry. It’s often gotten her into trouble and she holds grudges close to her heart. However, she hates being the center of attention outside of anyone who isn’t from her town and a part of her friendgroup.

So I’m gonna give her 9/10 for originality. She seems interesting and real, from what you’ve written. Bigfoot hunting, eh? Don’t think I’ve seen that one before. That’s a good sign! I docked a point because there are many of those “prideful, angry, holds a grudge,” types in books. But still, really good considering a lot of other characters out there!

8/10 She sounds very interesting. I like the details of the culture, and also how she is perceived by her own people. She aspect of her only loving her children is a bit common for characters like this, but it fits her character, and honestly, it adds an intriguing layer about the people around her, and how she feels about them. Also the aspect of her addiction being magic is cool.

Character’s name? Aimee Martin
Nicknames? Marty
Their gender? Female
Age? 13-18
What do they look like? Below average height, rather underweight, has dark brown eyes, a lot of freckles and long, wavy unkempt, often greesy hair pulled up in some lopsided updo. Later chopped off to an uneven cut, one half slightly below her chin and the other near shoulder length.
Where do they live? Seattle, Washington, US
How do they dress? Long sleeves, zip-up hoodies, overcoats, jeans, whatever shoes (often stolen, or mismatched). Lots of layers, even in the heat. Some kind of beanie, again probably stolen.
Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for their age? No, and yes.
What major experiences have they had? Neglect, she was left in the care of her brother two and a half years her senior. She grew up around heroin needles littering the floor, two instances of foster care, which when she was five separated her from her brother for the first time. This left an impact on her. Going long periods without electricity, or running water: this is why she doesn’t often shower, or wash her hair, she’s kinda accustom to it in a way. When she was seven, she learned how to steal. Her brother often went alone, but chose to take her that day do to their mother’s sketchy friends loitering around the apartment. This would later develop into Kleptomania. When she was eight, she found a ukelele beside a sleeping woman; she stole it, and distracted herself by learning to play it.
Any traumatic events? Neglect, as mentioned above. Being separated by her brother, even in the beginning of the book through foster care. The foster home she’s placed in has abuse, she intended to run away with another girl there, but when she starts getting physically attacked, she chooses to leave her behind and runaway, and becomes homeless. She also later wakes up beside a boy she becomes friends with on the streets, only to find his dead body, the cause a heroin overdose.
Good or bad childhood? Bad
Obsessions/Hobbies: Play the ukelele, even though it’s missing two strings and sounds terrible, it’s her main source of solace in stressful situations or when she’s overwhelmed. Hanging out around barrel fires under the a bridge, and drinking with others. She enjoys reading, and uses the public library as a free resource. Graffiti, which she’s actually pretty decent at.
In love? Not in a romantic sense, no
Any pets? No… unless you count feeding scraps to the rats and strays in the allway she kinda lives in.
Medical conditions/mental health? As mentioned prior she has Kleptomania, and later alcoholism. PTSD, and reckless, and impulsive tendencies.
Additional information: Marty is very impulsive, and reckless, which is important as it plays into a lot of her actions and decisions in the story. She dosen’t think of the danger, or the consequences, she holds grudges and can be argumentative when she feels attacked. She is deeply sensitive and emotional, which can be seen in her other characteristic. She’s also very creative, but do to lack of available resources, her potential is not fully explored. She does get help, and is reunited with her brother by the end of the book.

I really like her appearance description, I can imagine that she actually has a cute yet unique fashion style, although she has a gloomy childhood and history, she still has her own way to charm other people with her unique appearance and personality, plus her creativity would be an interesting thing for someone with a unique style.

  1. Character name? Abel Firefly
  2. Nicknames? People just call him Abel as it is supposed to be, but he has the codename Fool (tarot card arcana) in the Phantom Thieves squad.
  3. Their gender? Male
  4. Age? In the first book he’s 16 years old, in the second book he’s 17 years old.
  5. What do they look like? 175 cm body height with an average body, has blonde straight short hair, has a cheerful dark blue eyes.
  6. Where do they live? Eastwind Town, Axirea.
  7. How do they dress? Wears a short sleeve orange shirt, a black comfort jacket, a black blazer when he wears his tie, a dark blue jeans, black shoes, square framed glasses, and black and orange headphone.
  8. Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for their age? Both of them are yes.
  9. What major experiences have they had? His parents got seperated when he was 2 years old, he stays with his mother while his twin sister stays with his father. When he was in the 4th year of school, his father died by a wild animal attack. He has no friends untill the 7th year of school. Has earned the title champion in the Axirea Fighters League, but immediately got beaten by his bestfriend, Dean. Worked in a company called Marigold, but being betrayed after he saved his long time seperated twin sister which is a lab rat in the Marigold research laboratory.
  10. Any traumatic events? Losing his family member. After he got seperated with his father and twin sister, and after got his father killed, he become very scared of losing his friends and family, which made him cares very much to his friends. He chose to betray Marigold Company than losing his twin sister again.
  11. Good or bad childhood? Bad.
  12. Obsessions/hobbies: He really loves playing the piano, he also loves to sing. He trains sword mastery very often. Hanging out with his gang, going on an adventure with his friends, do stupid stuffs with Dean. He really loves reading comic books and novels. His dream is to be a very meritorious person in his life.
  13. Any pets? Yes, he has a fox living with him and always follow him wherever he goes.
  14. In love? Hell yes.
  15. Medical conditions/mental health? He only got his leg broken after fighting the terrorist leader who attacked Ignysus City back there.
  16. Additional information: Abel really loves socializing with people, he’s kind, caring, good looking, not a few girls fall in love with him, although he doesn’t really care. He’s a very strong swordsman. But one of his weakness is he gets envious very easy, he envy his friends a lot because of their positive traits. Although he envy a lot, he is the guy who can unite many kind of people that he met, some people would be forever alone if they didn’t met Abel and become friends with him. Because of his meritorious actions that he made to his friends and the environment, all of his friends owe a single soul to him.
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9/10. He’s pretty well thought out.

  1. Character name? Dr. Stella Montgomery
  2. Nicknames? Stell.
  3. Their gender? Female
  4. Age? 30
  5. What do they look like? Tall side of average, skinny, athletic build, waist length wavy strawberry blonde hair, freckles, green eyes, tanned
  6. Where do they live? Philly
  7. How do they dress? Depends what’s going on that day. Work is either business formal or scrubs. Home and with friends is usually athleisure. Out on a date, either something incredibly sexy or a really cute sundress or similar.
  8. Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for their age? Yes and yes
  9. What major experiences have they had? She grew up in foster care and went through some things because of it that I can’t discuss because spoilers. Made her first real friend at 14, and they’ve been life long friends ever since. She is finally almost done her medical fellowship after working towards her dream for as long as she can remember. Recently agreed to take in her younger sister. Has a history of mental illness and has attempted suicide.
  10. Any traumatic events? Yes, but they’re spoilers.
  11. Good or bad childhood? Bad, but with good parts here and there.
  12. Obsessions/hobbies: going to the library, studying, running, listening to music, reading, going for walks, hanging out with her friend.
  13. Any pets? Not unless you count little sisters. Which she might, hasn’t quite decided on that.
  14. In love? Maybe. She hasn’t decided yes.
  15. Medical conditions/mental health? Yes to both, but they’re both spoilers.
  16. Additional information: Stella is addicted to her job, as it is one of the few places she finds solace. She does the bare minimum to maintain her sanity, and is notorious for making poor decisions in her personal life. She refuses to acknowledge the trauma she went through as a child and young adult, and actively pretends it doesn’t exist. Except when it catches up to her. She’s intentionally isolated herself and cut herself off to as much of the world as she possibly can. Stella puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect, and refuses to let anything stand between her and getting what she wants. She’s worked exceptionally hard to get where she is, and is very proud of being a doctor

Dr. gets an 8/10 from me
Yeah an older female character!!! with freckles!! … she is complex and yet relateable. love the drive of her will… she is a strong female charater with substance!!

1.) Character’s Name? Sydney
2.) Nicknames? Sydney Sydney of bad decisions, Admiral menace, Hametsu, menace, tiny menace, tiny queen
3.)Their gender? Female and a feline alien species… not a anthro but truely alien and feline… more like a lioness…mix
4.)Age? early 40’s
5.) What do they look like? * Sydney’s face looks very human with a prostetic nose over her long narrow nose that endsin a beige skin colored triangle. The nostrils lay more horizontal than the human or visitors. Her upper lips are thin with a cupids bow and her lower lips full, she has double dimples. The eyes are angled up , open wide with black verticle pupils, the iris is a rich amber. She is sinewy and muscular in the same frame. Pale gold fur lay close to her skin, her markings on her face light copper stripes from the nose moving vertically to the forehead, very small O shaped rings, ran from her outer temple to her neck and shoulders where the rings grew in size. Her tail is long with gradtuated o rings in copper against her light gold base fur. Her ears are fuzzy, slightly rounded, and very expressive. Her hands, are small knuckled claws. Her knees bend back a little bit right after the knee cap. Her feet wider and longer than the visitors or humans.One of Sydney’s signature features is her hair. It is mostly red with streaks of silver and blonde throughout. The texture is soft, yet unruly with curls when wet, and fluffy if dried or brushed dry.
6.)Where do they live? * presently and mostly~ just out side of Arlington, on Tatum Renee Drive
7) How do they dress? * with comfort, usually comfortable cargo pants and her '80’s T shirts… her admiral suit if she is deep space traveling.
8) Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? Neither, for comfort.
9.) What major experiences have they had? Sydney is a felid alien born in LA in '85. she is LA resistance raised trained and bred. she spent most of her days as a sharp shooter during the visitors occupation of the earth. at 24 years old her people came to pick her up and take her home. she was queen by a captain of the talon squads then back on her home planet had a hard time adjusting to a pampered breeding housewife. she made trouble without even trying. she had two kits was pregnant with another two kits then got queen by the captains brother.She has two mates 4 kits and a female queen who belongs to her second mate. Sydney breaks out of the mold gets excommunicated from the regencies, leaves her kits and is recruited for the Sugimoto shogunate…(Tetsuo sugiomoto her earth’boyfriend until her people showed up) her ship gets wrecked by the army of her people, she is forced into court. she is tempoarilly imprissoned. she is the first admiral of the first Jorn fused ship, they run mission. she picks up a damged recon carrier of her people… she takes them in, the general tries to kill her her ship tries to kill him, she takes the blended bloods on as crew vs letting the military airlock them in promise of honor. She has a son that is psychic and needs to be protected and sent to earth, she has her second mates kit after that.
10.)Any traumatic experiences? the general came after Sydney at her home, she was put in a position of let them make a fake coverstroy of her death or she could go "prison to spy on the general and crew. she took the second option. she was placed in a roving sex dungeon for a year, they did fake her death as the courts (all male based) would not give her a court date. when she was almost dead her ship found her and revivied her. Tetsuo her earth bf now genetically altered to be more like her turns her into Hametsu, she returns with her sapiant ship daddy and destroys the queen regents empire in a showy display resulting in decapitation of her offenders. she then pirates for a time… she goes rogue from the shogunate, her ship gets her high, they end up in a weird place, more high weird happens a few more imprissonments before she is on top of her business of raising sapient ships.
11.) Bad or good childhood? bad… war, holocaust level
12.)Obsessions/Hobbies: she loves pizza, and the sashimi so much.her ships, her hobbies are being in space with her original sapiant ship daddy. Her birbs Josh and Sailor. She has a deep love of old earth muscle cars, her first one is Black betty a 1968 fully restored dodge charger r/t with a high racing wing… Her second favorite car is her super bee, then its her Betty queen ship… she loves the danger machines.
13.)Any pets? yes two the first one is a red macaw named Josh he swears worse than a pirate… her second pet is Josh’s son, Sailor who is learning the ropes of being a space pirate birb
14.) In love? yes with her kits all 5 of them and her pile of ‘grandshits’ She loves all four of her mates, very much. from the captain his brother, the human not human Tetsuo to the bad assed trench boss sarco. She loves her betty queen ship very much.
15.)Medical conditions/ mental health? She has been in the reviving purple waters twice, so say that she is drawn to danger and will make the worst possible choice if given an option. she is stubborn and in todays world propably has ODD. She is older and has arthitis in her hips and shoulders.

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I rate Sydney 10/10
I loved her physical description, really (I had difficult in some parts, because I’m Italian and my vocabulary is a bit limited, but I search the meaning of the words.)
also her story seems interesting. Your descriptions are very well done. I wonder if you have a photo manipulation or a drawing of how she looks like, I would like to see.

I’m introducing mine.

  1. Character’s Name? Jane Merrick
  2. Nicknames? Fade, Ragamuffin, Psychopathic, Freak.
  3. Their gender? Female.
  4. Age? 24 (but she develops through the story till age 34).
  5. What do they look like? She’s a skinny, pale, red-haired girl. She uses to comb them into a weird haircut to resemble the image of a Phoenix, as the myth of this bird helped her to find the courage to escape from her past.
  6. Where do they live? Italy (but she will move to UK, and - for a short period - to Romania).
  7. How do they dress? **She is a tramp, so her clothes are messy and consumed. Usually she wears black sweater and brown trousers. She wears rollerblades since she was 14. In result, she is not really able to walk properly without them. **
  8. Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? She dress just for necessity.
  9. What major experiences have they had? She tried for a good part of her life to avoid everyone, since when a 10 yo boy irrupted in her life and forced her to follow in a weird adventure.
  10. Any traumatic experiences? She had, and this is why she is escaping from her past.
  11. Bad or good childhood? Bad
  12. Obsessions/Hobbies: She is obsessed by her knife (a regular kitchen knife), it’s her defence weapon but also the heavy “cross” she carries everyday, as reminder of her past sins.
  13. Any pets? No
  14. In love? No, she consider love “a concept”.
  15. Medical conditions/ mental health? Not so sane.
  16. Additional information: She has a seven-stitches scar on the left leg, which everyday reminds her who is she and why she verses in that conditions.
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" I wonder if you have a photo manipulation or a drawing of how she looks like, I would like to see."
I wish i have scoured the internet for 7 months trying to find something close I have contacted 3 artist out of millions only one responded… they are busy… I have a Deviant art account stabbitabbi as well I have yet to post there…but im so hopeful…its hard this is a character that has been in my head for 35 years… I cannot draw for shit so I am game if anyone wants to try… but im picky its not an anthro or furry like thing… they are truly alien… thank you for the review…Its appreciated very much…this is the first time she let out of the confines of my mind…

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Jane Merrick” I love her so much…10/10
“her clothes are messy and consumed”

~ absolutely brilliant description…never seen it written that way before… <3

"1. Obsessions/Hobbies: She is obsessed by her knife (a regular kitchen knife), it’s her defence weapon but also the heavy “cross” she carries everyday, as reminder of her past sins. "

~ yes love love LOVE the knife obsession…for a female… its not some silly trinket of love or sadness… it’s a knife…it will cut you … the cross brings complexity to her that is simply said without a lot of back story being dropped… Not that that I wouldn’t mind from her because she is interesting.

Did you make that art??? if so… lets chat about commissions for Sydney…

well done :))

I believe it’s also hard to figure her out (though you described her very well). The only thing that pop in my mind is may be a character generator (something like “the sims”) where you can model out something that goes near your idea. Last time I played with sims (long time ago) there was soooo many improvement on facial manipulation, plus you coud add personalized skins to make the character give different colors of skin and hair.

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Thanks again! I did the art but it’s 1 year old already, because I started working and had no time to draw anymore T_T Sorry if I disappoint you.

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I really love your character, can’t add more than what @StabbiTabbi said before me, well done!

Here’s my character:

  • Character’s Name? Mallory Cox
  • Nicknames? Sometimes her friends or fans call her Mal.
  • Their gender? Female.
  • Age? 25.
  • What do they look like? Small frame, short hair, hazel eyes, slender built, many tattoos and piercings.
  • Where do they live? London.
  • How do they dress? Modern and usually colorful, she always chooses the outfit that shows her body such as crop tops and shorts, she likes to show off her tattoos.
  • Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? Absolutely, and yes.
  • What major experiences have they had? She is a singer, she fell into the crazy world of fame from a relatively young age.
  • Any traumatic experiences? Not in her past, but she is starting to face them recently.
  • Bad or good childhood? Good.
  • Obsessions/Hobbies: She loves music, and has a slight obsession with hair colors and everything related to hair products.
  • Any pets? No.
  • In love? Kind of.
  • Medical conditions/ mental health? Currently having a mental breakdown.
  • Additional information: She tries her best to look strong, indifferent and mysterious in front of people, but in fact she is a very sensitive person.

I would rate your character 8.5/10. I like her name a lot, it sound like a superstar. I also like the fact that, unlike most stories, she faces the problems later in her life instead for during her childhood (which I feel like is the most common). I can totally relate to the tough exterior, soft inside thing. I think many people can, which is good because it makes the character relatable.

This is my character:

Character’s Name? Phrowenia
Nicknames? My queen, your grace.
Their gender? Female.
Age? 18.
What do they look like? Her hair is wavy and dark brown. Almost black. Her skin tone is golden and eyes are shaped like almonds. Her lips are full and red, like roses. Her eyes are green, emerald green. The colour of her eyes makes them look like gems. They are almost glowing. Her nose is small. Her cheekbones and jawline are defined.

Where do they live? The kingdom of Vracuria (fantasy world).
How do they dress? Elegant and modest. Like a queen. She likes the colour burgundy a lot and prefers long sleeves.
Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? Yes and yes
What major experiences have they had? She is a queen. She has been ruling her kingdom ever since her parents died when she was 10.
Any traumatic experiences? Her parents died when she was a child and she had to take on the role as queen while facing the prejudice from others.
Bad or good childhood? More bad than good but not terrible.
Obsessions/Hobbies: She loves archery. She enjoys taking walks in the garden. She enjoys reading and learning new information.
Any pets? No.
In love? Yes
Medical conditions/ mental health? Mentally stable but she is going through a tough period now and has a hard time staying strong. All the sadness she has bottled up for years is starting to spill over
Additional information: She is a very sarcastic and fun person. She is very smart and can easily tell when people are lying. She is kind and considerate, but at the same time not too trusting. She is strong when she needs to be and has some of the best and easiest comebacks ever! At the same time she is stubborn, hard-headed and can be condescending at times. She doesn’t like to have her authority questioned and withholds important information in fear that her secret will come out. Her secret is that she is the descendant of the first ever elf/human child (father to the child was an elf, mother a human).


no don’t be sorry… you should just art more if you can… you got talent…

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7/10 - her name is unique & sounds very queen like, but a lot of her features and elements that surround her are in the realm of cliche for a fantasy/medieval story. The way you described her appearance sounds TOO perfect. I mean I understand she’s a queen, and queen’s are supposed to be beautiful, but it would be nice if she had a flaw like she has a mole on her neck or a personality flaw like having a bad temper and such. Also the backstory of her parenting dying, idk i feel like I’ve heard that many times before but you have a nice twist I don’t know about, and that can make Phrowenia more or less unique.

Main character:

Character’s name? Malia Ervin
Nicknames? her old friends used to call her Mal.
Their gender? Female/cisgendered
Age: 18/19 (in the story)
What do they look like? She has pin straight dark brown hair and light brown eyes that kind of doe looking. She has a baby and resting bitch face all in one. She is of average height and weight but doesn’t have any curves.
Where do they live? Buffalo, NY but goes to college in Massachusetts (Clark University).
How do they dress? Has a slight hipster look if that makes any sense. She loves jeans (cuffed and high waisted are her favorite), colorful t-shirts, crop tops sometimes, and shirts with political & funny messages on them. Wears causal tennis shoes most of the time & she loves rings as well as painting her fingernails.
Do they dress to impress, and do they dress appropriately for they age? To impress herself, yes, but not anyone else. She also dresses appropriately for her age.
What major experiences have they had? Well part of it spoilers a bit of the story, but I’ll say she’s lost a person close to her in her senior year in high school & all her friends started fading from the picture. She has also struggled with accepting her bisexuality when she 15, but now is proud of herself.
Any traumatic experiences? Death of a loved one, manipulated by a loved one, & lose of friends which caused a lot of extreme loneliness & depression.
Bad or good childhood? For the most part, good.
Obsessions/hobbies: passionate about social issues, loves to think a lot (idk if that counts), loves walking & helping other people.
Any pets? Sadly, no.
in love? She would say no, but yes
Medical conditions/mental health? Undiagnosed depression.
Additional Information: she’s the intentional therapist of her friend group, & can speak her voice, but somethings make her extremely insecure which silences her for a while. She also bottles the emotions she hates to face but is open about things that she fully recovered from (hating her sexuality). Also, she’s a political science major & plans on being part of the government one day.

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I personally would really enjoy reading this story, with her involved. I love the attitude and personality you’ve given her and the dynamics with struggling to accept her sexuality and witnessing that trauma but not letting it stop her. I love her name, but her description is a little cliché… still decent enough since it’s rather realistic for some considering her age and you’ve added in some extras so she isn’t too perfect. I’ve also heard of the parents dying so many times it’s a little done to death, or friends dying during schooling, it’s not bad, might have cost a number though. Overall, I think you’ve created a character with an enjoyable personality that ties into herself. Perhaps some further details could be added but I understand if this medium is restrictive. I will give you a point on giving hr a good childhood though :slight_smile: Really just expand natural on what you have and you’ll be alright.

Character Name Armis Lomares.
Nicknames? None, aside from ‘kid’ and other usual names from adults.
Gender Male
Age 20 Human Years

Appearance 5’ 7’’ Has long, dark, greasy black hair lined with blond roots(dyes his hair black) Hangs in curtains since he rarely washes it. Freckles on his neck, tanned slightly from sunburns. Has a slim complexion with dimples, full cheeks and thin eyebrows. He’s an alright looking guy, just doesn’t take care of himself. Slightly underweight with less muscular density than average for his age, below average height. Very intelligent.

Place of Residence Division 4. Democratic Republic of Iravan. Lives in Crefta Province (A fictional state, this is fantasy :slight_smile: )

How do they dress? She wears a thin cloth suit underneath usually a plain T-shirt and jeans. Typically a white shirt. Often wears black runners, but wears a ring on his right hand, a pendant on his neck. Sometimes wears political shirts and jackets, even a cloak. Favours the casual look.

Dress to Impress or appropriately? When it comes to him and his girlfriend meeting for dates, dress to impress, but otherwise he couldn’t care less.

Major Life Experiences Commanded an army through an invasion on their homeland. Travelled the entire world on foot and train. Conned various dangerous mercenaries out of large sums. Set up a failing business. Most of this is spoilers, but who cares, hehe. Finally, one more is hiking up a mountain, in freezing cold weather. dying too but that doesn’t count

Traumatic Experiences? Witnessed his homeland burn to the ground and his siblings be killed. Witnessed his girlfriend die protecting him. Manipulated by someone he could trust, betrayal by just about everyone he knows.

Childhood Quality? Good or Bad? Mostly a good childhood. Some mental abuse, but he went his own way and is now kinda alive.

Obsessions/hobbies Absolutely LOVES dogs, hopes to become a veterinarian if his business fails. Swimming, recreational hunting (small game) mildly interested in engineering. Has no obsessions as he lives by moderation. Community service too.

Medical Conditions/Mental Health Has undiagnosed ‘High-Functioning Autism’ causing anxiety and low self-esteem in bursts.

Additional Information He’s been an outcast his entire life, so Armis has learned to survive alone. He’s a survivalist and expert con, able to trick even those that are looking for underhanded moves. Harbours a hatred towards werewolves and lies to conceal it, easily becomes insecure but rarely aggressive. He’s the ‘disappointing middle child’ of his family, mainly for his unwillingness to join the army or enter into arms manufacturing or scientific fields. He’s an economic genius and can analyse a country’s financial stability in a few hours alone. His friends mean everything to him, hates being lied to and betrayed, for some reason is a good leader despite functioning alone.

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