Rate the Character Name!

In this game, you simply rate the name of each main character(s). Make sure to rate someone else’s before posting your own name! Additionally, you must use commentary along with your rating (i.e. 4/10 It doesn’t flow well and the name isn’t very unique.)

Generally, you should be looking for subjects such as:

  • How it “flows.”
  • How common or unique it is.
  • Etc.

You cannot post more than four characters.

Have fun! I’ll go first :slight_smile:

Nora Lynx and Levi Travison.

Nora Lynx
7/10 flows nicely, is unique, but my brain wants to say Lora Lynx :stuck_out_tongue: I do like the name Nora though. Same name as my cousin :wink:

Levi Travison
4/10 I feel like Levi is a common name. (idk how to read it…levy? le-vai? don’t worry this is just me). Travison, I stopped at this name because it’s similar to one of my characters whose last name is Trevisan :wink:


Pinti Segnoshua
Deel Cortavaan
Thereanbold Rygnaemere

(I can already hear people saying something about the fantasy spelling :stuck_out_tongue: )

Pinti Segnoshua 7/10, i have a thing for names that somehow reminds me of Russian names
Deel Cortavaan 7/10 same as Pinti.
Thereanbold Rygnaemere 9/10 i feel like it’s a Viking name and I dig that.:blush:

I don’t do surnames but i have this titles that comes with their names.

Mhin of the mermaid’s tide.
Kijuro the flute seducer.

The titles are really cool and totally makes up for not having a last name (even better in my opinion)
Mhin of the mermaid’s tide 7.5/10 I really like the title, but I read too quick over Mhin
Kijuro the flute seducer 9/10 Kijuro is a wonderful and original name

Damian Bindertell
Ethan Hunderbare
Helena Jisel


Damian Bindertell - The first name’s great, but the last name kind of reminds me of ‘barbell’. This is just me being a dumbass though - 9/10.

Ethan Hunderbare - ‘Hunderbare’ feels like such a whacky last name - I’d be willing to bet a hundred dollars if I had them that he gets bullied for that. 5/10.

Helena Jisel - I’m not so fond of the name Helena, and not of Jisel either, but again that’s probably just a personal preference. It just doesn’t sound very realistic, which is great if you’re writing High Fantasy, but if not… well. 7/10.

I have a whopping seven main characters but I’m just going to say two for now so that I can use the others for future replies. See? I’m innovative and responsible, aren’t I?

Alameda Bastet
Artemis Avanth

(Notes: it’s Fantasy, that’s pretty obvious. They’re meant to have similar initials. ‘Alameda’ is a name with Native American origin, as is its owner. As for Artemis, I think it’s just a cool name for a cool person.)

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Alameda Bastet - 7/10 It’s very unique, but doesn’t quite look right, in my opinion.
Artemis Avanth - 9/10 It’s a very nice name, and seems just right.

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I love how I’m doing this like I’m actually going to change my character’s name if it’s bad xD likely not haha

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Caroline Rogers
Peter Stark
Estelle de Chagny
(note: Estelle is from 18th century France)

Caroline Rogers - I’ll honestly give it a 5/10 I have heard the name Caroline to last me a life time but I love the name
Peter Stark - 3/10 ok here me out everyone I know is names Peter it’s not that much of a unique name but I love the Stark inly true Marvel fans would know why
Estelle de Chagny - 8/10 the name honestly sounds foreign and I like foreign names like that and any french name I love it sounds elegant and fancy

Persephone Ruth Cooper
Blair Efosa Agbonjawe
Benjamin Logan Williams


Persephone Ruth Cooper - 8/10. I hate the middle and last name, but I’m giving it 8 points solely for Persephone - I love both that name and its original owner (awesome badass spring lady!!!), so this deserves a high score.

Blair Efosa Agbonjawe - sounds kind of foreign? Not too keen on the name Blair but other than that, solid 7/10. Can’t really find anything else wrong with it, honestly.

Benjamin Logan Williams - 7/10. I hate to break it to you, but these just sound like you took the most white boy names ever and mushed them together - which isn’t bad, really. I mean, out of all the common names you could have picked, these aren’t bad and sound quite natural.

Kassia Quoires
Roxie Askaft

Kassia 8/10 it reminds me of a type of flower, I imagine it being said as Kazshia… is that wrong? good name.
Quoires~6/10 seems like a name someone inherited not anything of purpose or reason,
Roxie ~ love this name 10/10 great spunky female name or it could be Gn … the x in the middle of names is alluring.
Askaft~ 7/10 that seems like a pleblian name, a name some one is tasks with carrying on to the next generation…


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Roxie is… a boy. But thank you!

Sydney’s a nice name. Might be confused for the city in Australia, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’m quite fond of the name, so I’m giving it a solid 9/10.

Not sure how to pronounce T’chr, and that’s fine on its own, but there are no vowels? At all? I don’t think this name really exists, but if it does, then good for you. It’s an okay name, overall. 7/10.

Sarco is… alright, I guess? It sounds like one of those ‘overly-unique’ names, of people trying to be creative (no offence). But it’s not that bad, so a 6/10 it gets.

I don’t think there’s supposed to be an apostrophe in the middle of the name ‘Wrenn’ - it doesn’t even seem like a cultural thing, you just seem to be sprinkling it everywhere to makeit seem cool. I really don’t mean any offence by this, though! 8/10.

Kamren Christophora
Reiko Kurosawa

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Thank you… I love that Roxie is a boy…!!!
the names are for aliens… I cheated bc I was short on time and think juice… sarco is actually short for Sarcosuchus a dinosaur era crocodile… my friend plays arc im like quick give me a name for a bad ass space trench boss… a big MF mean… and so Sarco it is… :))

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I’ll give both the names a 9/10 cause it’s something I have never heard of and I like unique names

Blair Efosa Agbonjawe

Hunter Chace Salvatore

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Blair Efosa Agbonjawe (5/10) Though is surely an original name it seems very weird to me and surely I wouldn’t remeber outside the book (is it a particular language I may not know?)
Hunter Chace Salvatore (8/10) I guess thisis a weird name too and not too easy to remember the words “Chache Salvatore” (I am italian and maybe I would remeber better Salvatore than an english person)

I have three Character, all three are known by nicknames (I’ll put on branches their real names that people will discover by the time, reading the story).

Fade (Jane Merrick)
Jag (Nathan Obraz)
Nef (Neffen Shaw)

Fade - Jane Merrick, (8/10) both the name and nickname sound quite pleasant by themselves, but somehow when I apply Fade to Jane Merrick, it sounds pretty badass. Also Merrick reminds me of Merry from LOTR (I’ve also got a character with a similar name but it’s his actual name)

Jag - Nathan Obraz, (6/10) I’m not completely sure what to thin of this one, but it doesn’t seem to really fit. It doesn’t catch my eye like Fade/Jane. Obraz seems quite pizzazy though, he seems like a goofy character (maybe…?)

Nef - Neffen Shaw, (7/10) This nickname makes sense to me though I’ve never heard the name ‘Neffen’ before, it seems quite interesting. It sounds original and rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

For my character’s I often spend whole days trying to figure out a good name so I hope they’re at least decent:
Siulan Fei (this one’s inspired by my grandmothers btw so don’t be too harsh please)
Everett Arslan
Adir Egil

Siulan Fei 5/10 - I’m unsure how to properly pronounce it therefore I’m unsure if it flows well or not. I like the last name though.
Everett Arslan 6/10 - I love the first name a lot. I’m unsure about the last name. I feel like it doesn’t flow together perfectly but it’s not too bad.
Adir Egil 5/10 - I find mixing two vowels at the beginning doesn’t always work together very nicely. I find because the first and last name are the same syllables and amount of words, it’s too similar for my liking.
All of these names are very unique though, which I like.


Elias Kingsley
Aria Amelia Winter/Aria Winter
Lacey Miller
Tyler Morgan

9/10 Great names, I like all of them. They all match and fit well together.

Keira Lockhart
Alec Petrovic
Seth Zolkin

Keira Lockhart
This name seems simple, yet not overly common. It has a nice audible flow as well. It does look nice too.
Alec Petrovic
This name is okay. I’m not a fan of how both names end in a c. Maybe change one. It also doesn’t look pleasant.
Seth Zolkin
This name makes me think of the author of Game Of Thrones, which can be both good and bad. The name is interesting however, but Seth seems very common in comparison to the surname.

Kieran Marie Evans
Ambrosia Celeste Hawthorne

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I like the names, they’re really pretty. But I feel like they just don’t flow well together. Ambrosia Celeste Hawthorne sounds like a beautifully exotic name while Kieran Marie Evans sounds kind of normal.

Here are my names - (they’re conjoined twins)

Ying Wallace

Yang Wallace