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I searched and searched and searched for an active thread based off cover ratings and I couldn’t find one. So I am making a new one. Doesn’t have to be your own story’s cover, could be one you just made or your own. Simply rate the cover above you out of 10.

10/10 this cover is beautiful
8/10 lovely cover but the font looks a tad too small
4/10 good idea but I think you need more blending of the images

This is a bullying free thread, opinions are expected but please dont bash anyones covers nor make your comment sound mean.

All genres welcome! This will probably be an epic fail of a thread because all my threads get like 2 responses


I just made this cover but pixlr didnt want to work with me today and kept bugging out


8.5/10. Beautiful! I just think it’s a little too empty?



9/10 I don’t like the font that’s all.

I think theres no numbered rating because theres no like key for it and it can get rough

10 it’s simple and yet I want to read it

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9/10 I like it but I think a different font would be better

I just recently updated my cover.


9/10 i think concept is great and cool asf! i just think the images look kinda low quality? other than that i love the font style and i think it gives a great idea of what the story is about with a littlemystery!

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I’d say 10/10, although it’s not for me. But the execution is excellent and overal a really nice cover

(I am still adding the T to the seal, and need to flesh out the shadows, highlights, etc. But I am more curious about the overall aesthetic)



I made this one myself


11/10. You drew this yourself?

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@Wryneck @JDujuan Thanks!




In terms of drawing attention I like the way you’ve set up the title and the image with the gaze being drawn down over the cover. The Font also seems to fit and I think the grayscale makes it very serious. The photoshop on the wings and the body also looks pretty neat and tidy which is also good since rough photoshop. I’m not crazy about the quote at the bottom though as it feels pretty generic/has been said before, rather than something unique and stands out on its own.
I’d say anywhere from a 6-8/10 from my view only because I’m not super pre-disposed to shirtless guys on covers, but in terms on composition and flow it looks decent to me :slight_smile:

My own art, gave up on trying to make a border so here it stands


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9/10 I like how only black-white it is :heart: That’s quite a unique approach. I just can’t make up how those antlers fit the picture as I thought those were hands at first :rofl: I like how Netvor seems to be “on the verge of insanity outburst” - I expect him to snap, and here is the girl in front of him holding that rose like no danger is behind her.

I would only remove “by” and give the text (or at least your username) a border as that one blends a tiny bit with the picture. Your picture is pretty amazing for sure <3

My cover is for my second book in series - NinRai :slight_smile:


9/10 I really like the overall execution but, I don’t really know how to say this, maybe somehow make the title stand out more? For me, the “Face Stealer” and author name pop out to me before the actual title. But otherwise, I really like it! I’d probably click on it to find out more about the story, too.

I made this one for somebody. It’s kinda weird cuz I can sometimes make covers for people but never for myself.



i honestly love your cover! it quite genuinely looks like something i’d pick up in a shop, completely professional. maybe a 9/10 because of the “cover by” at the bottom - it kind of removes from the whole “oh my god, this looks like a published book” thing?


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I love the shadow and silhouette effect! it looks super professional. My only criticism is that there is quite a lot of writing but it still looks very fancy and sleek. 8/10


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I love it! It’s so cute and fun, and it really brings the viewer’s eyes right to the girl. I think it would be cool if you brought the title down more closer to her head, but it’s totally up to you. 9/10!
(I have a ton of covers I want opinions on so you’ll probably see my user a lot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

9.5/10 That’s an amazing design. But I’d suggest changing the color of the white text, it doesn’t have enough contrast with the background, so many people might not be able to read it.