Rate The Cover

All genre’s are welcome! That includes fanfiction. This is for everyone!
I’ve seen a few of these going around and I personally love them. Covers are the first thing your reader is going to see, and the focal point of their interest. It’s always good to get feedback from others to give you some idea of what people will be seeing.

Must give a rating out of 10 to the cover above yours
Provide helpful feedback about why you gave it that rating
Be respectful to everyone involved
Make sure to give credit to the person that made it if it wasn’t you
If you want to get multiple covers rated then feel free to jump in again, just don’t include them all at once

That’s about it! I have a lot of covers to post in this, so if you get involved you’ll most definitely get a rating. Have fun!

Here’s my first cover to get things started (created by the wonderful EndlessHeights):


I loved this it is so adorable and has two of my fav actors on it. I’m always amazed by the details in these works its like you guys are magic. So yeah cover makes me curious about the story so I give a 9.5 the spiderman symbol cutting his face makes me think of wolverine threw me off a tad.


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9/10 - That’s a stunning cover :heart_eyes: The placement of the girl in the middle is beautiful, and the different men in the background immediately evokes curiosity. The font and colour of the text is elegant and the perfect size in comparison to the rest of the cover. I also love how the white shade is mirrored in the outline of the girl to make it seem less harsh - really smart choice! The only thing I have to critique is that your name blends in a little with the yellow backdrop and may disappear when the cover is made smaller. Overall though it’s beautiful! It’s definitely got me interested, I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:

(EndlessHeights again)


7/10 - I really love the use of color in this, and the smooth textures are eye catching. The pictures used tell a story, and I’m interested in “Mankind’s deadliest enemy is itself”. I’m teased and I want to know. It’s a little on the busy side, and the quality of the female’s face looks a little different from RDjr’s image, so I couldn’t give it an 8/9, but it’s still interesting, and I’d want to know more :slight_smile:


This is my first wattpad cover and I’d love some feedback on it so I can apply pointers to my future projects :blush:


9/10 !!

When i see this cover, the things that stand out are the arm and feathers. I like how the arm is positioned similarly to a wing. Since the circle reminds me of a halo, and the 3 feathers could represent the holy trinity (or a trinity of some sort), plus the title, am I crazy, or is this a story of a fallen angel? :innocent: If that’s the case (and even if not), good job, your cover is simple and poetic, while raising questions about the story!

The only thing I’d change is the title font - the letters are different sizes, and some overlap, such as the I and G, while others don’t. Look up “kerning,” aka the space between letters. It’s a really subtle way to improve a design!

Good luck with your story!

Sorry it’s small. Be honest, I can take it!

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10/10 - like, I’ve never given a 10 before but that cover is so stunning to me! I adore the image, the overlaying pictures on the face, and the text. It all works so well together and gives this creepy yet somewhat classic feel. It’s gotta be one of my favourite covers. I can’t find anything that I would change. Like, I would click on that in a heartbeat. I think I might actually check it out :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


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((skip me))
Thanks for the advice, especially regarding the lettering! It’s more about just people with wings, but since they’re mistaken as angels, that all works <3. Glad to get the feedback :slight_smile:

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8/10. Honestly, there is too much going on for me. The colors are great and the saturation is done well, but usually that is paired wit simplicity. If everything is saturated and there are many things present to the viewer it can be overwhelming. Also, I’d like to see what the title would look against a darkened lower portion of the cover. I think it can make it stand out more.

My Title: Wings of Legends (I purposely left out the author since I’m not sure which name I’d like to put there.)


I give your cover 10/10 because it’s very simple and interesting to look at. It looks like the genre is dark yet mystical. It says a whole lot of things. The font’s also wonderful.
Sorry if I can’t say much.

This is mine. The title’s WANTED; Undercover. It’s bad.

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Well, to be honest, I find this quite confusing. First thing that attracted my attention was the girl, then your name, but when I read Jean Granger I thought that it was the title of the story, that the MC’s name is Jean Granger. There’s just too much text all over, very hard to read, and when I zoom in (like you mentioned in small print), I realize that it’s the same thing, copy/paste.
Don’t take this personal, but I don’t think I’d be drawn to the story based on this cover. Sorry

I do think it’s great that you put in the time and effort to make the cover by yourself. Believe me, your cover making skills will only grow if you keep it up.

Here’s a suggestion: if the title is WANTED, maybe you could try making a wanted poster, like the one in the wild west - a picture of the girl, big ‘wanted’ sign, nothing too complicated. Sometimes, when it comes to covers, less is more.


I think the image is very busy. I’m not sure where to look first. Is it the girl, the water, the flower or the title? Where am I supposed to focus? The font doesn’t really work. I think you were going for some fluidity to make it match the water but it’s not quite there. I like the colour choice of the blue and black. But it’s clear that everything is matchy. 7/10.



I actually can’t decide between black and white or colour. So it would be great to get a vote too.

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8.5/10 - I love the simplicity of this cover! The silhouettes make for an already gorgeous image that catches a readers eye. I would vote for the coloured one, just because I think it blends nicely with the title shade. I would be more likely to click on that one :slight_smile: The only thing I can say is that I’m personally not a fan of the text, I think it could be a tiny bit more attention grabbing…but that’s a completely subjective opinion. The cover is really pretty in its simplicity.


9/10 - This looks really professional and really serves a good hook for readers. The layout resembles a movie poster in a lot of ways which works really well with the subject matter.


8/10 I like this cover, but I would change a few things slightly. I don’t mean to be rude or anything and this is just my opinion. This is your cover, so as long as you are happy with it that’s all that matters. The text is all readable, and I like the image. If it was me I would make the words at the top larger and maybe move the tile up from the very bottom of the cover more towards the middle, so it stands out more. I also am not a huge fan of the font you used for the title, but once again it’s your cover.

Here is my cover:

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8/10 - This is such a nice cover! The subtitle is readable in both size and colour, and the image is quite pretty though I think the filter makes it a little blurry (that could just be my screen though). I think the actual title itself is a good size and shade but the text font itself is a little hard to read. Again that could be completely subjective :slight_smile:


Yeah, the filter does seem to make it slightly blurry; I am trying to fix that. I personally really like the title font, but I understand it’s not for everyone.

This cover is very sleek and artfully constructed; the accent of red is perfectly balanced throughout. I feel bad because cinematic covers like this aren’t really my thing—I’m not big on airbrushed faces, ripped models, etc.—so I feel like its beauty and skill are wasted on me :grimacing:. Sorry! Putting my personal taste aside, I think it’s a really professional cover and extremely eye-catching. My only real critique: maybe have the tagline at the top split like this instead:

The Winter Doesn’t Bury the Dead.
He lives with Them.

My cover:

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10/10. I personally love the simplicity of this! The light coming from the shooting star over the bar is really good contrast from the background. The font is also really nice, how it looks like it was painted on the barn!

Here’s mine:

Garden Knight Down the River

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6/10. These are just my opinions and I don’t mean to be rude in any way. You can take my suggestions or not. I just want to give you some pointers to, in my opinion, improve your cover :smile:. I would suggest splitting the title onto 2 lines, so you can increase the text size. Otherwise people probably won’t be able to easily read the title when it is the size displayed to readers. I don’t really love the cover photo. It’s hard to tell what it is (I think it’s a sword with flowers?). The red comes off as a little to overpowering to me since the majority of the cover is this bright red. I would maybe use a different cover photo, or edit it differently. I would also maybe change the text color, so it stands out more.

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