Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



Watch/listen to the song above and rate it out of 10 and give a small comment to explain your rating. Then paste the link to your own song.



9 definitely I love this song! The beat is amazing and Noah Cyrus killed this song!





I give that song an 8 because the beat’s good! :slight_smile:


6 its sounded like a wanna be 70s song.


8/10, the beginning sounded really chill and atmospheric, while the drop was energetic, and the visuals add so much to it.

(I have a pretty “unique” taste in music I know)


7 liked the beat, but I prefer to understand the lyrics of my songs.


8/10 I really like it! She has a really pretty voice, and the song is really relaxing.


5 I don’t know why but her voice irretates me. And I’m more into the upbeat music.


6 Interesting how these are pretty sad lyrics but the instrumental is very upbeat, cool listen


I’d probably say 10/10. I really loved the beat and how chill the song is. The girl is also really pretty and I find it relatable how she’s just kind of sitting on the couch a lot. Great song! :grin:


9/10! Their voices fit so well with together, and I love the beat a lot


6 not really something id listen to again


8.5/10 That was actually really good, I liked the lyrics a lot and thought the beat was really catchy.


8.5/10 didnt like the beginning but as the song went on it got better


8.5/10 It’s the type of song that I would like to hear when I am chilling around and in a very lazy mood.


8/10, sounds like something I would hear to while on a long road trip.