Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



4/10 - sorry, but I kind of hated it. It was so long of just annoying undertones and washed out sounds. Just my thoughts.


7.5/10 It’s kind of nice, and the lyrics are good, but I’m not too crazy about the voice.


10/10 love this song and Weezer


6/10 Kinda boring IMO






8/10 Like most Eminem songs, I like the beat more than anything else lol


8/10 I really like the band.


6/10 sounds like disney music lol


I like it. 8/10


9/10 I really like this song


8/10 this song is my style

I can’t post the video on here because this is my school’s computer and damn near everything is restricted but my song is called

Do re mi - Blackbear <3


7/10 Not bad; I really like the beat


7/10… the song is too long and very slow


5/10 I am shocking but not that surprised of their future self situation.




6/10 nice beat, voice is a little overproduced for me


10/10 I actually have this song downloaded into my computer because I heard it before.

The song I request is

Rockstar - Post Malone


6/10 It’s cool and all but mostly just generic “sex and drugs” rap


8.5/10 The vocalist is amazing, but the instruments kind of threw me off in places (I’ve listened to the Animals’ version a lot, so that may have something to do with it)