Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



3/10 - I couldn’t really get stuck in. it almost sounds like two different songs in the sense that It’s got a very ‘I accidentally recorded my band’s screamo music over my dad’s old cassette tapes’ vibe.


6/10 It’s not bad, quite pleasant and catchy but it sounds a bit generic to me. Like Shawn Mendes meets Hozier?

I like lots of genres of music so I didn’t know what to pick but let’s go with this one because I think he needs more recognition:


its not available in my country


6/10 I don’t usually listen to this style of music, but it’s not a bad song - just not really my type of music


9 or 10/10. I really like it.


10/10 That’s a classic right there


6/10 not something i listen too but i like it


1/10 Nope. Sorry.


10/10 It’s great.



i like this song but not the screaming in the back its annoying


4/10 Sorry…


nah its ok you dont have to say sorry i dont like the song much either i just put in random songs to see what other people think most of em i like though


10/10 - a classic :joy::joy::joy::joy:


8/10 I reallly liked it! Also love his voice


6/10 because it’s the first time i’m hearing it(i bet i’d like it more if i knew it better)
i lovee tyler’s voice and i also like the ukulele a lot bc i can play a few chords on it too. plus i love the title!


5/10 = only because i like Miley…


9/10 That was really good! I really liked both songs, and the music video was really well done. The guys acting was also fantastic.


7/10 - Not bad