Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



9/10 It was quite enjoyable.


2/10 eh, I’m not really a big fan of those kinds of songs.


7/10 I liked everything but Phoebe Ryan’s vocals.


8/10 Really liked it


7/10 Okay, but I didn’t really like his vocals (they did sound good with Florence’s, though).


7/10 Starts off really slow, but I like it once it picks up


8.5/10 It was pretty good.






9/10 Nostalgia right there :grin:


10/10 I really like this song (I’ve heard it before).



10/10 Nostalgia…

@heiress-of-slytherin 5/10 It’s got a good beat, but I didn’t really like either of the singer’s voices


Not the typical voice I’d go for, but I liked it. 8\10.


10/10 It’s really well done. (Also, the video was not available in my country, so I had to pull up a different one).


7/10 It’s good. Not really anything memorable in my opinion.


10/10 Fantastic (I’ve heard it before)


7/10 I prefer his song “Take Five” but this one’s still cool too. Plus I remember it form the movie Baby Driver.

(This is an anime opening so it makes a little more sense in the show’s context)


7.5/10 It was pretty good.


9/10 Sounds pretty badass