Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



10/10 It was rocking. (I’ve heard it before, btw).


5/10 Not really my type of music, but it is catchy

The song changes at 1:17


7.5/10 It was well-performed and I generally liked it, though it was jarring due to my familiarity with only the Queen version.


<3 Khalid


10/10 I love Warren Zevon, and this album :heart:


7.5/10 It was decent, but I’m not crazy about it.


7/10 Not my style but still pretty catchy


7.5/10 Good stuff.


It’s Frank Sinatra so… 10/10


6.5/10 It was okay.


i love fleetwood mac, that song is a 9/10


9/10 It was quite good.


10/10 I already love the original song, but the fact it’s Simon and Garfunkel just makes it better


5/10 I didn’t really like it.


9/10 I really liked it


6/10 It wasn’t really my style but I still appreciate how beautiful and clean the vocals are.


6/10 It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t too into it.


7/10 Heard it before; pretty cool, creepy-sounding song


6.5/10 It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t really respond to it.


6/10 It’s fun! Just not something I would listen to myself.