Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



10/10 It’s a great song. (I’ve heard it before).


6/10 Weird song but the record-scratching and beat were cool; felt like the Fresh Prince theme on drugs lol


7/10 It was pretty good, but somewhat repetitive.


6/10 It was good, but not super deep, which is the mood that I’m in. Didn’t feel much of a response to it.


6.5/10 The music didn’t impress me, and the lyrics were somewhat powerful (although they rubbed me the wrong way a few times). Also, I didn’t like his voice, which is weird, since I liked the fun. songs I heard.


5/10 Weird song but the guitar riffs were cool

(This is a Christian song just in case if anyone feels like this song is preachy; I just posted it because I thought it sounded lovely)


2/10 - Please dont hate me :sweat_smile:I feel really bad for scoring it so low because it’s a Christian song but I just didn’t like it.


4/10 It was nice in parts, but I didn’t really like it all that much.


8/10 Always a pleasant song to hear; brings back memories of the “Pyro” animation for TF2


8/10 I’m not one for rock, but I like the song


8/10 Ironically I’m not a fan of trap, but this one was pretty cool lol


8.5/10 It was quite good.


8/10 im surprised i like how this sounds


6.5/10 It was interesting, but I didn’t really warm up to it.


10/10 If it’s Elton John, I’ll instantly love it


9/10 It was pretty good.


7/10 Nice-sounding song, but I’m not really a fan of Shakira


10/10 I love the song and the tone of it.


7.5/10 Pretty good.


8/10 Pretty cool song. And that saxophone is to die for!