Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



8.5/10 It was quite good, but I’m not too crazy about it.


9/10 Great song! Just wish it wasn’t so long


7.5/10 It was alright.


7/10 It was okay. The singer was lovely but the song was a little too slow for me.


7.5/10 It was an enjoyable song.


8/10 Cool song.


9/10 Good song (I’ve heard it before).


7/10 Michael Bublé IS a wonderful singer, but I don’t generally go for that kind of slower, relaxed song. I do already know the song as well :blush:


7.5/10 It was pretty good, but it’s not the kind of thing I would listen to a lot.


8/10 Not bad. A little repetitive but still nice.


6.5/10 I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t really listen to it again.


8/10 Catchy guitar riff. Not bad.


7/10 it sounds like music i hear in commercials


6/10 The music was pretty good, but I didn’t warm up to the vocalist.


7/10, not my cup of tea but who cares what I think lol. I like the guitar and drums even if it is a simple beat, it is executed pretty well.


5/10 I didn’t really like it all that much.


9/10 I love the energy.


this song was my childhood lol. I almost forgot about this song. Now I can relive the nostalgia.


6/10 It was kind of fun, but eh.


@ihateurnamelol I thought the same thing lol

8/10 I liked it! That guitar is fantastic!