Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



8/10 Very good.


7/10 Not bad.


@EdwardInzerillo 3/10 Not really feeling it :sweat_smile:
So Sorry :persevere::persevere:


6/10 It was okay, I suppose.


7/10, pretty cool guitars and original sound, just not really my thing. I will say it had a nice chill upbeat vibe.


10/10 Great song.


8/10 Very good.


7/10 Pretty good.


5/10 Sorry but I’ve heard it WAY too many times to enjoy it


8/10 Pretty good.


7/10 I was feeling that guitar riff in the beginning but there was some odd dissonance between the other instruments that didn’t mesh as well. Still, not bad overall.


7/10 Very good.


9/10 Like this one! Very chill and everything comes together nice (also like the beat and the rhythmic pattern of the lyrics)

(bit of a two in one with this one, the song is after the intro)


7/10 Not bad.


4/10 Not for me


9/10 I 've always liked this song, its kind of chill, it has nice instrumentation, and it gives both sides of the story. It was also one of the first songs I ever had on my first i-pod, so I guess nostalgia helps.


7/10 Pretty good.


6/10 It was okay.


6/10 It’s okay… I guess

:warning: Explicit Language!!